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Even more crazy stuff in our shop!

Creepy Crafters bannerABow Killer AAnd much More to come!
Dixie Dellamorto
has been a busy killer bee! She’s listed over 50 new items in the Horror Hosts and Creature Features Creepy Crafter Shop! New items include an entire line of necklaces and hair accessories for the ladies… or gentlemen if you’re into that. Everything is Horror inspired from the Psycho Killer Hair Bows to the Necklaces made from recycled monster magazines. We’ve got exclusive button sets and pocket mirrors! Also listed are 7 original acrylic paintings By Dixie Dellamorto and Mister Lobo. Some of them have never been seen before!
Stash Box Edward AStash Box Edward BDon’t forget to check out our selection of boxes to see our ultra cool Prototype VHS Stash Boxes where you can hide all of your small valuables!Painting Bat B


Bows Flies 1 AExclusive Pin sets and pocket mirrors made for us by Button-Lab.comButtons Set ANecklace Dracula E

Help Make Forbidden Zone 2 A Reality!

Richard Elfman is using crowdfunding website Indiegogo to help him raise enough money to retain creative freedom for his Forbidden Zone 2 project. We’re hardcore fans of the original, and we’re excited! They’re well on their way having raised over 40,000 of their $100,000 Goal. The soundtrack sounds good and Richard is full of enthusiasm, however we sincerely hope that a good portion of that $100,000 is set aside for some cardboard and wrinkled butcher paper walls. The heavy use of green screen so far is disappointing because that handmade theatrical quality is what made Forbidden Zone so charming in the first place.Forbidden Zone_1

Fun New Items in Our Shop!!

Shop Sign 1Howdy Gang, Dixie Here!
Winter just won’t quit.
Outside the wind is blowing. It’s cold and wet. Ominous clouds are cracked open like a deformed pinata full of your least favorite candy, which (if you’re anything like me) is probably those black and orange peanut butter thingies they give out on Halloween and old people call Reese’s when they’re so clearly not — but I digress…
nasty candy
Today didn’t feel like a productive day to spend in the Creepy Crafter studio so I curled up with a 70′s horror movie, some hot chocolate, and a determination to put some of my new products in the shop. Items include:

Box pink cute green skull B 18 decorated wooden boxes in all shapes, sizes, and colors
Painting Twilight Zone A 7 original paintings including this never-before-seen Rod Serling mixed media piece!
ZAMN Lunchbox A
and a Retro Zombies Ate My Neighbors Lunchbox!

Also, keep an eye out this week for our new line of jewelry and accessories.
If you’ve got some free time on this dreary Sunday afternoon, stop by our
shop and if you feel so inclined buy something for yourself or a friend — it’s what keeps us going!

I Dance by the Light of the TV Screen All Night Long


terrorvision aTerrorVision is the story of the Putterman Family who has a new satellite system installed. The powerful system starts picking up signals from outer space that opens their television up as a doorway to another world. The cast is amazing — Cult icons Mary Woronov and Gerrit Graham stand out playing the over-the-top swinger parents and Diane Franklin is great as the super cute New Wave Suzy Putterman. But do you know what the best part is? TerrorVision features a beautiful Horror Hostess: Medusa!

She’s hot, she’s got snakes for hair, she’s snarky, and she has huge… talent.

MedusaDid we mention that the Soundtrack is totally badass? Check out the Theme Song by The Fibonaccis:

Watch the full movie free on Youtube… for now…

..Before Shout Factory wakes up and takes it down…Or you, you know, you could just buy the Blu-Ray + DVD combo pack so you can watch it on your TV. The pack also includes The Video Dead and is totally worth the money!Movies (2)


So, uh… Here is the Phantasm V Ravager Teaser Trailer.

phantasmvteaser_big-phantasm-v-is-real-the-poster-is-hereHowdy Gang, Dixie here and I can not believe this is actually happening…
Sorry to get all fangirl in here but this looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. The Phantasm franchise in my all time favorite movie franchise of ALL TIME — I love all four movies to the core and can watch them back to back on any day of the week. Do you want to come to the Das Lobo Haus and have a Phantasm Marathon? Don’t tempt me because it could happen any minute. I haven’t been this excited about a movie since… well, since John Dies at the End.
In case you missed it virtually everywhere else:
I am feeling so optimistic about this I could just die.

Ain’t It Cool News drops a bomb on Phantasm fans with a new teaser poster!

Could it be true?

This is obviously the poster for the original film, click below to see the new teaser poster.

This is obviously the poster for the original film, click below to see the new teaser poster.


Ain’t It Cool News Exclusive: Phantasm V is real and here’s the teaser poster!

Please be true, please be true, please be true…
Is it? Could it be? It looks like it is
! Phantasm Archives confirms that Phantasm V has been in production since 2008 and even did a story about it in 2009 along with a picture of Reggie Bannister.
How did we miss that?
Today is a good day to be a Phantasm fan.
Thanks for the update
Phantasm Archives!

ハウス: Hausu Killer Cat painting!

Hausu(AKA House) is a 1977 Japanese psychedelic horror film by Toho of Godzilla fame. Hausu is about a schoolgirl who visits her ailing aunt’s country home with her six classmates, where they face horrifying supernatural activity. The house devours the girls one by one. We think Hausu is one of the craziest films of the 1970′s.

Wow… So yeah…. You watched the trailer…. How does it make you feel?
hausuIt’s a personal favorite of Dixie Dellamorto — which is why she was compelled to to paint a reproduction of the bizarre ghost cat which is featured heavily in the film and can be seen briefly spewing blood in the trailer above. Pictured to the right is a photo of the painting in question, It was a labor of love and an experiment in incredibly strange taste. If you’re already a fan of the flick you may be interested to know that the original 12×16″ acrylic on canvas board painting is available for sale! Owning art makes you seem cultured, or so we’ve been told!

Hausu cat