Alright Midnite! Our Featured She-Creature Pin-Up for October!

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Your HHCF publisher Mr. Lobo is here with that darling of darkness Marlena Midnite, hostess of a hot horror host show called MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM that is blowing up cable TV boxes all over America…After a car wreck “Ms. Midnite” came back from the grave as a horror hostess with her adoring servants Wolfred and Franklin, and is visited often by a host of other friends who are always creeping around the boneyard. Robyn Graves is the show’s Midnite Mail Girl and Marlena’s best friend. Robyn and Marlena are always getting into mischief on Iowa Public Access stations and almost a hundred other stations across the country.

Lobo: Thanks for being our featured she-creature!

MM: No, No thank you! It’s super exciting!

Lobo: Happy October! What are your plans for Halloween this year?

MM: We have a bit of an early Halloween party at the Boulevard Drive in (HORROR ON THE BOULEVARD – Kansas City), They run horror triple features, The Haunted Creepys and Ghoultown will be playing, there’s a costume contest and we also do giveaways etc, it’s more fun than you ever dreamed possible at a convention! On a smaller scale we will be giving away to trick or treaters the Saturday just before Halloween at my comic store (Tiney’s Comics)

Lobo: Would you call yourself a hardcore horror movie fan? What are your favorites?

MM: I think it really depends on my mood. Right now, I have been re-watching all the Friday the 13th Movies and all the Sleepaway Camp movies. And as always Corman/Price movies.

Lobo: Did you have a horror host growing up? Who was the first Horror Host you ever saw?

MM: Svengoolie (Son Of…) was on cable from Chicago when I was really little and to my knowledge must have been the first host I ever saw. My first impression and probably my biggest influence. Eventually a local station picked up Zomboo for about a year so I saw a lot of his stuff as well, there was also a short lived revival of Acri Creature Feature as well. Eventually through trading and collecting I got to see tons of other shows, a personal favorite would have to be the incredible Commander USA !

Lobo: How did Midnite Mausoleum show begin?

MM: We (being Blake my producer and myself) were just talking about how we thought there was a shortage of horror hosts on TV and then of course both being the type of people we are we started making the show just because we thought it would be fun, and then it just kind of started growing like the Blob.

Lobo: Now you’re oozing all over the place. You’re on TV–so you must be rich right?

MM: AH HAHAHA! Your kidding right? There isn’t a lot of money in Public Access, we actually make most of our money from merchandise sales, and most of that just goes back into the show/ conventions.

Lobo: What is the difference between Marlena Midnite and the real you?

Not a whole lot really, mostly clothing style. We both love gardening, animals/ puppets, and scary stuff in general. However real me likes jeans, tee-shirts and glasses. Marlena is way fancier and she wears a lot of make up–A LOT! Who has time for all that?

Lobo: I like a nice foundation myself. Who are your creative inspirations?

MM: In horror hosting, definitely Commader USA on the USA Network, Son of Svengoolie and a dash of Zomboo–just in life in general–it’s whatever/whoever I see. I tend to get a lot of inspiration from inanimate objects; my imagination is a bit over kill.

Lobo: Me Too! Besides talking to inanimate objects, we have something else in common! I am always thrilled to meet a female DEVO fan. Tell me how you found their music and what are your favorite songs! Any feel free to mention any other eclectic music that you enjoy!

MM: I found their music the way all 6 years olds do. My mom was watching MTV. My mom was in her Bon Jovi/ Def Leopard phase (which by the way was horrible for me) so when videos I actually liked came on I was really excited. I want to say it was the video for “Girl you want”–there was lot’s of purple. Now I actually listen to tons of different music, mostly still electronic, but with a lot of post punk/ 80’s Goth tossed in for good measure.


Lobo: I understand you also like reading comic books can this be true?

MM: Yep! I think you have to if you co-own a comic store. My current pull-list consists of:

  • Alpha Girl
  • Adventure Time
  • Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens
  • Bat Woman
  • Courtney Crumrin
  • Dominique Levex Voodoo Child
  • Game of Thrones
  • Goon
  • Lady Mechanica
  • New Deadwardians
  • No Place Like Home
  • Orchid
  • Revival
  • SAGA
  • Severed
I read others at the store too and various TPBs/ graphic novels.

Lobo: Some dealers don’t use their own stuff. I think comics and hosting often go hand in hand. Tell us about how your co-host Robyn Graves came to be a part of the show.
MM: She is sweet, she loves to deliver mail and eat snacks! We actually saw her at where she worked and then posted basically a help wanted ad on Myspace, she responded and the rest is history!

Lobo: What are some things that you know that know one else knows about Robyn…

MM: She is terrified of spiders, like “kill it with fire!” scared. Let’s see what else she has a Bassett hound and she has a penchant for stretchy leggings.

Lobo: Who doesn’t! You two always look like you are having fun. Do you two hang out together when you are not filming?

MM: Some times we do, we both lead pretty busy lives, so we do when we can, but some times it will be months between seeing each other.


Lobo: Do you enjoy horror conventions? What do you think makes a successful convention appearance?

MM: Yes and no. I’m really socially awkward and big crowds really freak me out, so I tend to hide in my merchandise table fort while I make Robyn go take pictures of cool stuff for me. I really enjoy out door conventions, I don’t feel like there is as much of a chance of being trampled to death—Ha, ha. I think I measure success at conventions by how many people post happy things on their “social networking site” of choice afterwards about how fun meeting us was and how much of a good time they had in general. What’s the point of going if you don’t have fun, right?

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Lobo: What gets on your nerves?

MM: Hmm? Not much really. Some times I get frustrated because of time constraints (I never seem to be able to have enough time) but other then that yeah, not much, I’m pretty easy going. I also get frustrated when people think I am stuck up with out even attempting to talk to me. I’m shy, guys! Get over it.

Lobo: So it’s hard for you to be in the public eye?

MM: Like I said, I’m really shy. I feel awkward a lot and I tend to be pretty closed mouth about everything. Luckily, when we shoot(Midnite Mausoleum) there usually are only 2 or 3 people around so it’s not so bad.

Lobo: Now Mr. lobo gets a few steamy comments from lonely gals here and there, BUT he wouldn’t know how to deal with drooling fan boys leering and dropping lascivious comments. As a shy person, how do you deal with overheated fans and rude comments?

MM: Uh, I usually try to laugh it off and just say thank you. I think people know it makes me uncomfortable so they try to be respectful, not saying their aren’t just crazy or rude people out there, just that they are few and far between.

Lobo: What qualities do you find attractive?

MM: Genuineness. I can’t stomach fake people at all. Just be your self, it’s way easier and you’ll make better friends that way.

Lobo: You are on all over the country, How is a cable access TV show syndicated? How would someone get your show running on  their local Public Access Cable channel?

MM: We have a media server so people at TV stations can down load it. Getting us on your channel is as easy as emailing Blake Powell or myself and asking to run the show.

Lobo: DVD sales have been getting soft for a lot of horror hosts but you’ve been doing well and even had a successful release shows on VHS! What is your secret?

MM: Tremendous Volume!! Actually We have over 20 DVD releases and they all go over time – We just keep cranking them out – recently We have signed a deal with Nocturnal Video and they are re-releasing each season on multidisc sets so our old discs are discontinued and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Lobo: This is a time of content rights paranoia. DMCA has made it difficult for many who program with public domain films. Have you ever got a “cease and desist”?

MM: A couple, we never mean to step on anybody’s toes. We always try to work things out as amicably as possible.

Lobo: Where do you think the future of hosting horror is?

MM: To be honest I am not sure, media is constantly changing and even in a few short decades TV has shifted from local, to national, and now thanks to HULU and the like to the world wide web. I think their will always be a niche for Horror Hosts, weather it is on TV though, that is anybody’s guess.

Lobo: Mr. Lobo will let you know how our Roku channel deal turns out—that might be a new market for you. But you seem to be on top of everything–your marketing is brilliant who does all that?

MM: Mr. Blake Powell. I think his marketing strategy is the same as KISS or Spaceballs. MERCH, MERCH, MERCH!

Lobo: I understand you have started making your own movies, tell us about that.

MM: We thought it would be fun to make a homage movie to the 1970’s Hammer Dracula movies, so we just decided we should do it. So far that is about as far as we have gotten with it, we are set to start shooting mid-November I think.

Lobo: What would you like to be doing in 5 years?

MM: Wow. I don’t even know. My life is really day to day so even thinking about 5 years from now is just weird, cars could fly by then, food could come in pill form and I could have a robot butler named Yuki for all I know!

Lobo: Now you sound like Criswell. What does it mean to you to be a horror host?

MM: I think for me it just means helping people to enjoy bad/ cheesy old films. It’s like being a long distance friend that people get together with and watch movies on their own time, but they are never alone. (Big Smile)

Lobo: As we say goodbye, Any Special Halloween Greetings for your fans?

MM: Just a big “shout out” to every single awesome fan we have! With out you, none of what we do would be possible! We “heart “ you all in a big way!

Lobo: Thank you for your time, Miss Marlena, and we look forward to seeing you and Robyn on our TVs and in person—so don’t be shy!

MM: (Laughs)