American Horror Story: Cutting Corners?

freaks-movie-poster25 I am very excited about the new season of American Horror Story! Sideshows have always been a part of Pop Culture and have been intriguing and mysterious ever since their conception. The imagery associated with sideshows is striking to say the least. Tod Browning‘s masterpiece, FREAKS is haunting and unforgettable. Tales from the Crypt had a couple of amazing Circus themed episodes, and Carnivàle was very successful on HBO… Rob Zombie also borrows heavily from the ascetic. What we have is a full history of good imagery.

Which is why not I’m Impressed with American Horror Story’s supposed new opening sequence.

They ask Are there hints lurking in Freak Show’s mesmerizing main title sequence? We’ll let you decide… If they’re asking about the corners they’re cutting to keep the cost down, they gave us more than a clue: AHS New

Heavily featuring a prop from Spirit Halloween stores?… A prop which has been in stores for at least two years?

Fan reaction has been mixed. Most people are extremely excited and love the visuals of the new main title sequence, others think it looks like a poorly executed Tool Music Video. With the budget this project has I feel they could have hired someone to make this $36 dollar animated Halloween decoration a new pillbox hat, or repaint his face… or anything? I guess the neck ruffle is a nice touch.

So many questions spawn from this observation:

Is it Fan Made? If it’s fan made, kudos too you unnamed fan, whoever you are. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to use a pre-made prop if you’re working on zero budget.

Is it Product Placement? Is Spirit Halloween sponsoring the new season of AHS?

Did they think no one would notice? Soo Bawls Sees all. I live in a Halloween store, you can’t slip anything by me.

Oh well, regardless of this minor disappointment, I’m still excited and can’t wait to see what twists and turns this new season takes.

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