Beijing Horror Film Society

mmexport1398180278763Now this sequence of events may sound outlandish to you, but should you find yourself in Beijing, China… on a Monday… near a cool little venue called the “69 Cafe”, you may want to wonder in and discover what the Beijing Horror Film Society is all about. Former horror movie reviewer turned horror host, Jigsaw Jim, presents Monstrous Mondays at 9pm weekly. They show horror flicks and live music and it sounds like a total blast! The appreciation for Horror movies is International, and Horror Hosts are sprouting up all over the world. Nigel Honeybone from Sydney, Australia, Bunny Galore in the UK, and now Jigsaw Jim all the way in Beijing! How cool!

HorrorMovie_72DpiWe love hearing from Horror Fans from all over the world! Do you have a favorite horror host outside of the US? Let us know about them!

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