Help Make Forbidden Zone 2 A Reality!

Richard Elfman is using crowdfunding website Indiegogo to help him raise enough money to retain creative freedom for his Forbidden Zone 2 project. We’re hardcore fans of the original, and we’re excited! They’re well on their way having raised over 40,000 of their $100,000 Goal. The soundtrack sounds good and Richard is full of enthusiasm, however we sincerely hope that a good portion of that $100,000 is set aside for some cardboard and wrinkled butcher paper walls. The heavy use of green screen so far is disappointing because that handmade theatrical quality is what made Forbidden Zone so charming in the first place.Forbidden Zone_1

I Dance by the Light of the TV Screen All Night Long


terrorvision aTerrorVision is the story of the Putterman Family who has a new satellite system installed. The powerful system starts picking up signals from outer space that opens their television up as a doorway to another world. The cast is amazing — Cult icons Mary Woronov and Gerrit Graham stand out playing the over-the-top swinger parents and Diane Franklin is great as the super cute New Wave Suzy Putterman. But do you know what the best part is? TerrorVision features a beautiful Horror Hostess: Medusa!

She’s hot, she’s got snakes for hair, she’s snarky, and she has huge… talent.

MedusaDid we mention that the Soundtrack is totally badass? Check out the Theme Song by The Fibonaccis:

Watch the full movie free on Youtube… for now…

..Before Shout Factory wakes up and takes it down…Or you, you know, you could just buy the Blu-Ray + DVD combo pack so you can watch it on your TV. The pack also includes The Video Dead and is totally worth the money!Movies (2)


So, uh… Here is the Phantasm V Ravager Teaser Trailer.

phantasmvteaser_big-phantasm-v-is-real-the-poster-is-hereHowdy Gang, Dixie here and I can not believe this is actually happening…
Sorry to get all fangirl in here but this looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. The Phantasm franchise in my all time favorite movie franchise of ALL TIME — I love all four movies to the core and can watch them back to back on any day of the week. Do you want to come to the Das Lobo Haus and have a Phantasm Marathon? Don’t tempt me because it could happen any minute. I haven’t been this excited about a movie since… well, since John Dies at the End.
In case you missed it virtually everywhere else:
I am feeling so optimistic about this I could just die.

Ain’t It Cool News drops a bomb on Phantasm fans with a new teaser poster!

Could it be true?

This is obviously the poster for the original film, click below to see the new teaser poster.

This is obviously the poster for the original film, click below to see the new teaser poster.


Ain’t It Cool News Exclusive: Phantasm V is real and here’s the teaser poster!

Please be true, please be true, please be true…
Is it? Could it be? It looks like it is
! Phantasm Archives confirms that Phantasm V has been in production since 2008 and even did a story about it in 2009 along with a picture of Reggie Bannister.
How did we miss that?
Today is a good day to be a Phantasm fan.
Thanks for the update
Phantasm Archives!

ハウス: Hausu Killer Cat painting!

Hausu(AKA House) is a 1977 Japanese psychedelic horror film by Toho of Godzilla fame. Hausu is about a schoolgirl who visits her ailing aunt’s country home with her six classmates, where they face horrifying supernatural activity. The house devours the girls one by one. We think Hausu is one of the craziest films of the 1970′s.

Wow… So yeah…. You watched the trailer…. How does it make you feel?
hausuIt’s a personal favorite of Dixie Dellamorto — which is why she was compelled to to paint a reproduction of the bizarre ghost cat which is featured heavily in the film and can be seen briefly spewing blood in the trailer above. Pictured to the right is a photo of the painting in question, It was a labor of love and an experiment in incredibly strange taste. If you’re already a fan of the flick you may be interested to know that the original 12×16″ acrylic on canvas board painting is available for sale! Owning art makes you seem cultured, or so we’ve been told!

Hausu cat


Monster-Mania Con was a success!


Dixie Dellamorto and Mr. Lobo packed their bags and left town on Friday Afternoon. We weren’t sure what to expect in New Jersey, since the place is usually the butt of a joke and not a destination. After an hour in the car we pulled up to a hotel that looked like it could only exist in Tromaville… two inches of watery sludge covered the parking lot with mildly deformed ducks rolling in it. Yes, this must be the Garden State. A scary looking man pushed a shopping cart full of garbage in circles in the parking lot…


…It was probably this guy.

It was a truly terrifying sight. We cringed and thought “What have our friends at Zom-Bee TV gotten us into?” Mr. Lobo got our key and we checked into our room which — much to our relief — was absolutely beautiful inside. We got ready and left for Monster-Mania Con at the Crowne Plaza Hotel… Seven wrong turns later we were at an impressive Hotel with a huge line of Horror fans and a classic Batmobile parked out front.
AWe found our friends at the Zom-Bee TV table in a side room that we lovingly referred to as a “leper colony” because it was so far removed from the rest of the show, but truth be told we got good foot traffic and shared the room with great venders and some amazing celebrities including some of the fine cast from the original Dark Shadows TV series. John Dimes, Jerry Moore, Mr. Lobo, Dixie, Dale and Andrea all took turns manning the table and meeting fans and introducing people to the Roku and Zom-Bee TV. The show was heavily attended for a Friday, though we were still able to see our friends including but not limited to the gang from VHSPS, Newt and some of his colleagues from Midnight Show, Kevin from House of Mysterious Secrets, artist Joel Robinson, Nick Lombardo, and musician/artist Stephen Course. When the convention was over for the night we ate at an almost empty diner. The fact that it was almost empty seems strange since it was called the “Crystal Lake” Diner and it was less than a mile from a horror convention where you couldn’t even walk without rubbing elbows with a Friday the 13th fan. The stomach upset we felt later would indicate the the lack of customers should have been a warning instead of a curiosity.


We don’t recommend the Chipped Beef Gravy…

Saturday was a blur of fandom. All day long it felt like a subway station in an Asian country — people were packed in so tightly it was hard to breath as you navigated the halls. I think it’s safe to say it was the busiest horror convention we have attended in a very long time.

Lobo & Toxie

Mr. Lobo reuniting with a classmate from his Tromaville High days.

We saw so many more fan and friends. The crowd was overwhelmingly pleasant, we also made new fans and friends all over the place. It was like landing on a planet where everyone has something in common with you. It was pretty neat. Dixie and Mr. Lobo even met a fellow Popcorn fan and were excited to hear that she’s working on putting out a much deserved Blu Ray of the movie! We saw lots of amazing costumes on Saturday. Jerry, John, and Mr. Lobo took to the halls to interview guests, celebrities, venders, and attendees.

That night after the vender rooms were closed the party started. The lobby was packed with people in party mode. The hotel lobby was a sight to behold — a circus of serial killers, clowns, drunk people, steam punks, children and women wearing very little. One man we sat next to was so far gone from drink that he couldn’t talk and when asked if he was okay, pretended to be superman. Later he held his hand up for a high five that would never come. It was funny… in a tragic way. Like a hobo clown…. and speaking of clowns…. Dixie Dellamorto says,
“I think it’s safe to say I would be happy if I never saw another clown again.”

clownsWhile the boys were off interviewing interesting looking people a high pitched chirping started and lights flashed all around. We looked around the room in confusion… We were confused by the sound, confused by the lights, but mostly confused by the fact that no one else seemed to see or hear them. Even the staff seemed to be ignoring what was obviously a fire alarm. No one moved and everyone kept drinking. This went on for about ten minutes until a very nervous looking member of the Hotel staff began screaming in our faces that we had to evacuate. He said the same sentence five times: “You Have to Leave out the front door, we are evacuating the building during the investigation” …as if we were going protest. The drunken deluge of party people spilled out into the parking lot like the blood from the elevators in The Shining. People aimlessly milling about in a daze until the fire company showed up! The crowd went wild. It felt as if we were transported to a stadium during a sporting event, the crowd chanted “USA, USA, USA, USA” in the glow of the flashing lights of the truck. Shortly after the Fire Department filed into the building, the Ghostbusters pulled up in the a car decked out like the Ecto 1 with their own set of flashing lights and a sound ghostbusters1system blasting the Ghostbusters theme. Those guys sure know how to make a disaster entertaining. After the fire department gave everyone the O.K. to go back inside the parking lot quickly became a cold wasteland, the only thing that could be heard was traffic and mutant ducks honking in the distance. We had about enough of Saturday so we packed up our gear and went back to our hotel room for some much needed rest.

Sunday was a bittersweet day because it meant saying goodbye to our friends and what ultimately was the most fun we’ve had in recent memory. However there there were three happy things about Sunday.
One: Our friend and talented artist David G. Hardy showed up with his lovely wife Tracy. David

The End

We got to break bread with John, Jerry, Dale and Andrea at what was probably the best BBQ place we’ve ever eaten at — The Whole Hog Cafe.

And Three:
We got to go home, look at all of the neat things we picked up and sleep in our bed!


A Huge Thank You to Pine Bros. who sponsored our trip, Zom-Bee TV, and the organizers of Monster-Mania! We had a great time!

The Lobo’s Do Monster-Mania NJ


Come see Dixie Dellamorto and Mr. Lobo, the gruesome twosome, at Monster-Mania Con at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ all weekend!

Mr. Lobo will be joined by his pals John Dimes, Karlos Borloff, and his crew from Zom-Bee TV! If you feel so inclined, stop by and say ‘Howdy’, be on TV, win a Roku, give us lavish gifts, do the funky chicken, or pick up an exclusive autographed photograph of Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto!

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