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creepy crafters

Happy New Year HHCF fans — Dixie Dellamorto here!
I wanted to share one of my new years resolutions with all of you.
I want to find someone who is doing something really great every day, then I want to tell them that I think they’re great. I started this today while I partaking in my not-so-guilty-pleasure of ritualistically browsing Etsy for Pee-Wee Herman handmade art. That is when I found an awesome drawing of Pee-Wee Herman with his iconic red bicycle(below). I was delighted by the idea of JacobDIDthis, his fun pop culture inspired artwork, and his story.
Pee Wee Herman

Batman with CandyBatman with CandyAccording to his Etsy Profile Jacob is 10 years old. His dad helps him sell his artwork on Etsy. Last year he sold his drawings and prints during his summer vacation in order to raise money so he Ghost Ridercould attend Dragon*Con. Luckily he made his goal and is already saving up for 2013 — but he is dreaming bigger! He wants to set up a vender table of his very own in the Artist Alley and attend more conventions as a true artist!
With interests like Godzilla, Army of Darkness, The Tick, Batman, and Hellboy, I think he’ll fit in quite nicely with convention artists and attendees alike.
The Tick 1 Boomstick!Hellboy

What an awesome goal for a 10 year old. Sometimes you need a kid to remind you of the basics: Hard work and Perseverance pay off and don’t ever stop dreaming. Jacob is great and so is his dad! GodzillaThanks for reading and please check out his Etsy Shop or click on the images to go to the listings!

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  1. I am Arab and I am so proud to see what you are doing for real justice and peace. With brave people as you these words can have a meaning

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