Dixie is a VHS geek

It’s true, I am. I didn’t know that there was a whole big community of collectors. A lot of the time I didn’t feel like I was collecting, I felt that I was saving history from the trash. So I was excited when some friends invited me to join a couple of VHS groups online. Recently I’ve been finding and interacting with a lot of other Horror VHS collectors on the web, but what I think is so funny is they all seem to talk to me like I’m a dude. It’s adorable. I’ve been called “Man“, “Dude“, and a “Lucky Bastard” this past couple of weeks. But I understand, VHS collecting is a boys game, like baseball or roller derby. I still get excited when I see other girls around. Anyway, I uploaded a little video of my working 3D light up Dead Pit VHS box and got to impress the boys on one of many groups on Facebook and it ended up being used in this groovy blog post from Lunchmeat VHS.

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