Do you guys talk about anyone else other than Mr. Lobo?

wordsMr. Mustache writes,
“Dear Horror Hosts and Creature Features,
Do you guys talk about anyone else other than Mr. Lobo?”.

I’m glad you asked, Mr. Mustache. In October we wrote about a lot of things, including an Open Letter to Hemlock Grove, A new feature film about a Horror Host called Son of Ghostman, A Memorial to the great Svengoolie, Information about a great cause “Put Wood in Poughkeepsie”, we shared an awesome Music Video by Mike Diva, we mentioned a Halloween contest, and we talked about some of our friends in Las Vegas. We also made two very small posts about what Mr. Lobo is doing this Halloween Season. I admit, I put more focus on Mr. Lobo than usual and maybe we shared more links than usual on the Facebook. Why? Because he is the host of a Nationally syndicated Television Show, Because he’s good at what he does, Because he’s one half of the duo that primarily writes for the Horror Hosts and Creature Features Blog, Because I live with him, Because he’s my husband, Because we both worked hard on our Halloween Special and frankly I’m damn proud of it, Mr. Mustache. Hope that kind of answers your question.

Warmest Regards,
Dixie Dellamorto Lobo

While we’re on the subject of content of this website:
Uncle Samhain webIf you find yourself asking, ‘Why don’t they ever write about My Favorite Horror Host?’, ‘Why do they always talk about this guy?’, or ‘You never talk about Movies’, we invite you to submit an article. Write an article about your host, your favorite horror movie, review a new flick, spotlight an artist, or whatever you want — if it’s well written and of sufficient interest we’ll be honored to publish it on the blog. If you’ve got a Press Release that is full of information we would also be happy to look at it and give it consideration — If it’s particularly interesting, we’d love to try and write about it. Do you have a Show or Movie that you think we should see, send us a link or email us privately for an address to send it to… But at the end of the day — We are really only two people. One of us has a Television show and his own blog and fans and a heavy convention and live show schedule, and the other one of us is a full time artist who does craft shows and runs 3 online stores while trying to make content and still keep up this blog. If you want to help us keep up the website… submit content. We would love to add new writers to our lineup!

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