Even more crazy stuff in our shop!

Creepy Crafters bannerABow Killer AAnd much More to come!
Dixie Dellamorto
has been a busy killer bee! She’s listed over 50 new items in the Horror Hosts and Creature Features Creepy Crafter Shop! New items include an entire line of necklaces and hair accessories for the ladies… or gentlemen if you’re into that. Everything is Horror inspired from the Psycho Killer Hair Bows to the Necklaces made from recycled monster magazines. We’ve got exclusive button sets and pocket mirrors! Also listed are 7 original acrylic paintings By Dixie Dellamorto and Mister Lobo. Some of them have never been seen before!
Stash Box Edward AStash Box Edward BDon’t forget to check out our selection of boxes to see our ultra cool Prototype VHS Stash Boxes where you can hide all of your small valuables!Painting Bat B


Bows Flies 1 AExclusive Pin sets and pocket mirrors made for us by Button-Lab.comButtons Set ANecklace Dracula E

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