Giant Spider Missing — Packers Won The Superbowllllll — Film at 11


The cult movie world lost another icon recently. GIANT SPIDER INVASION (1975) director, Bill Rebane reported that the star of his film was stolen from private property and sold for scrap at Schultz Recycling in Merrill Wisconsin — the town where the film takes place.

The scrap yard can not say who brought the item in to be scrapped as there is an on-going investigation. The spider’s shell is mounted on an old Volkswagon chassis, which is obvious in the film.

Mr. Rebane says that the only way they could have moved it would be with a flatbed trailer. Perhaps the gang from MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 are exacting revenge for wasting 84 precious minutes of their lives…

If you have any information about the giant spider caper contact the Lincoln County Crimestoppers at (715) 536-6272.

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