The many Issues with Issue #2

Howdy Gang,

Many of you have rightly asked “When will we see Issue #2?”.

We are thankful for your continued enthusiasm. This project is a labor of love and we knew from the beginning that there may be some difficulties, which is why we decided not to take subscriptions.

We’ve had a laundry list of setbacks with both the first and second issue of Horror Hosts and Creature Features. Below are some of the most pressing:

First of all, Mr. Lobo and Dixie are committed to making 26 new episodes of Cinema Insomnia this year, which has become a full time job for both of them.

Second being, The magazine is a zero budget project. As you know, print is an expensive and difficult medium in these times. Horror Hosts are hit harder than most by the recession and ad sales for issue #2 are less than a third of what we were able to get for the first issue.

Thirdly, we had a run in with NBC/Universal who currently is fierce in their protection of The Munsters… even when it makes no sense. We were within our rights and obtained permission for all of the materials in the magazine, however we were asked to stop selling the magazine in some venues – Which gives us concern for future issues.

Forth, Computer viruses in Dixie’s email left her without many of her contacts. A virus on her computer destroyed a good portion of our files for the second issue, meaning that we had to start over. With limited time and resources, this was devastating.

Finally, a lot is changing with Elvira, her guest appearances, her new wine, future seasons of Movie Macabre, etc. We need a follow up interview at the very least, to make this issue relevant and current.

All of these setbacks make this a heartbreaking affair which has made it difficult to continue working on but we are determined to put another issue out as soon as possible without compromising the quality. Horror Hosts and Creature Features may be more of a special annual or semi-annual collectors item, rather than a true monthly magazine, which we originally intended it to be. We are working on an online version of Horror Hosts and Creature Features so that we can report regularly and share with you all of the great content and original artwork that made us so proud of the first issue.

We hope you continue to support our endeavor, and we hope you don’t look at this as a list of excuses rather than an honest account, because you deserve it. We’re still excited about the world of Horror Hosts and Creature Features and all of the exciting things that are happening. We do not take you for granted and we thank all of the fans, supporters, contributors and advertisers deeply from the bottom of our blood belching hearts!

Your Pals,

Dixie Dellamorto (Editor)
& Mr. Lobo (Publisher)

4 thoughts on “The many Issues with Issue #2

  1. Sorry to disappoint you, Seth. If you’d like a print of the Elvira cover art–please visit our Etsy shop. Also, We still plan to have a printed “Best Of” volume in the future with our Elvira material included but no plans for release as of right now. Please enjoy this online version of our Horror Hosts and Creature Features material…even though it is not a substitute for paper and ink.

    Best regards,
    Editor-In-Chief Dixie Dellamorto and Publisher Mr. Lobo
    Horror Hosts and Creature Features

  2. I’m a huge fan of B movies big time 100% of the time. I wish that they would make a come back just as long as the commercialism of Hollywood doesn’t get in the way of it.

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