Lend a Limb to The Toronto Zombie Walk

10454412_863072730388055_6466947975852078431_oThea "Eddy" MunsterIf you read issue one of Horror Hosts and Creature Features you know all about our first She-Creature, Thea Munster and her amazing event The Toronto Zombie Walk! If you didn’t get a chance to read about it in our magazine, The Toronto Zombie Walk started in 2003 with a handful of zombies and has grown into a full scale Halloween festival with over 10,000 participants, including legions of zombies, monster syndicates, fiendish floats, undead marching bands and almost any horror themed oddity you could nightmare up.tzwposter



1491563_829102073785121_2119584049136653529_oAs you can imagine with it’s continued growth, costs have gone up exponentially. Despite continued fundraising activities, searches to find sponsors, and grant applications the Toronto Zombie Walk is still $7000 under budget and has only 21 days to raise the total funds for the event!

If you have enjoyed the event in the past please to help them out by donating a dollar or two for every time they’ve attended the walk and parade — if everyone gave a dollar that would be over $10,000 and if they make more money than they need, all extra funds will go to The Canadian Wildlife Federation Help the Bats!

Please visit their Lend a Limb to The Toronto Zombie Walk Campaign to donate and learn more!

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