Horror Hosts in Putrid Print

SPOTLIGHT ON DRUSILLA, The Lost GhouLunatic         by Dyin‘ Ryan B.

Comic Book Creeps with Ryan B
Ah, yes–Drusilla.


“Dru-who-lla?”, you may be asking.

Drusilla: the pale and mysterious fourth EC horror host that Time–and even some of the fans–forgot.

In my last article, I talked about how The Vault-Keeper and The Old Witch kind of got the-short-end-of-the-publicity-stick compared to the much more popular Crypt-Keeper. As far as the hosts of the EC comics’ horror magazines went I pretty much said they were the Ringo and Tito of the group. If they got the short end of the stick, however, than poor Drusilla didn’t even get the stick at all.

She was stickless.

Even the most hardcore genre and horror comic fans, that are more than familiar with all three GhouLunatics, might not have any idea who Drusilla is.

It’s pretty simple. In issue #37 of The Vault of Horror (the fourth to last issue of the series, by the way) The Vault-Keeper was suddenly joined by a mysterious “companion“.


For the three issues that followed Drusilla was always there at V.K.’s side during the opening introduction. She was always silent, always staring. Is she a witch? Is she a vampire? Is she just an ordinary human who happens to be mute and have a fetish for creeps?

Who knows?

EC comics went under after Vault of Horror #40, so there’s no telling what was in store for her character. All that is known is that she was designed and created by artist Johnny Craig who was the artist most responsible for The Vault-Keeper’s signature look. Clearly, when designing her, Craig must have drawn inspiration from Vampira, who was herself a pale, raven-haired hostess who was very popular around the time of Drusilla’s creation.




Separated at Death? A suicide-by-side comparison of Maila Nurmi and Drucilla.

it’s not uncommon on sites such as Facebook and Tumblr to see collages people have made combining images of Vampira, Elvira, Morticia Addams, and Lily Munster. I would propose that Drusilla should also be remembered and included in the same group as those other beautiful, Gothic women.

Apparently I’m not the only one.

As of this articles publication, the website www.graphittidesigns.com is selling an awesome Drusilla t-shirt along with several other GhouLunatic products.


There is a little hope that Dru may not be completely forgotten, not by everybody. And now you, faithful reader, know about her as well. So, go spread the gospel of Drussila! Tell anyone who will listen all about her and her brief, but memorable appearances in the world of EC Comics. She is an important part of our comic book heritage and she needs to be preserved.

And I’m not talking about formaldehyde.

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