Horror Hosts in Putrid Print: Haunted Horror

Spotlight on: Forelock the Warlock & Mr. Karswell from Haunted HorrorComic Book Creeps

by Ryan B

For those of you who have not been haunting your local comic book crypt for, like, the last six months and therefore are not in the know about the gloriously gruesome new horror comic title, Haunted Horror, that is currently available, allow your old pal, Ryan B, to clue you in on just what you’re missing out on, and tell you all about the two grooviest new comic book horror hosts to hit the scene.

Haunted Horror #1

Haunted Horror #1

From the depraved minds of Craig Yoe – publisher of the Ghastly Award winning horror comic archive book, Zombies – and Steve Banes – horror comic blogger, and front man for the Missouri based rock band, Sons of Black Mass – comes the bi-monthly horror comic, Haunted Horror, which lovingly reprints stories from such forgotten golden age titles as Weird Chills, Adventures into Darkness, Chamber of Chills, and Worlds of Fear.

“So what?” You may be asking. “Why should I care about musty old horror stories from books I’ve never even heard of?”

You’ve got a lot of attitude, ya know that?

Well, what makes Haunted Horror so great is that all the stories it reprints are from pre-code horror comics. That’s right, before Dr. Wertham came along and ruined everything, these stories were what all the best juvenile delinquents on the block were reading and now you can read them too!

But what’s a story without a storyteller? Ah ha, that’s where Haunted Horror gets original.

Forelock the Warlock

Forelock the Warlock and Mr. Karswell are the masters of scaremonies in this book. Two brand new creepy characters created specifically for Haunted Horror, and in what I’m sure can only be an amazing coincidence they happen to look just like editors Yoe and Banes themselves. *cough, cough, wink, wink*

Speaking of Steve Banes, I recently got a chance to throw some questions his way via Facebook and here’s what he threw back:

RB: How did you and Mr. Yoe meet and decide to collaborate on Haunted Horror?

SB: We met through my blogs, primarily THE HORRORS OF IT ALL, I had been assisting with promotion of his books along with a handful of other great bloggers like Pappy and Mykal Banta… when he went into development of the Bob Powell Terrors collection I actually began donating stories, which led to Craig making me co-editor of the Chilling Horror ZOMBIES book and HAUNTED HORRORS series, with lots more horror projects on the way.

RB: How do you select the stories that appear in Haunted Horror?

SB: We have a huge pile of scans from my collection, Craig’s, and a handful of other contributors… we just try to keep each issue on the varied side with contrasting story plots and an interesting range of art styles, although issue #5 coming later this summer has a fun “sports horror” theme running through half the stories.

RB: What horror comics did you read growing up and were you inspired by them?

SB: My introduction to horror comics was the cool 70’s stuff that Marvel published featuring mostly reprints of their pre-code horror Atlas stories. I was more drawn to the style of the 50’s stuff illustrated by guys like Bill Everett and Joe Maneely… this forever sealed my obsession with Golden Age horror comics. And though I had been reading MAD ever since I was in 2nd grade, I didn’t discover the EC horror stuff until later.

RB: Who is your favorite comic book horror host?

SB: Mr. Karswell of course! haha

Mr. Karswell

Mr. Karswell

RB: Could you tell me a little about Mr. Karswell’s artist, Art Fuentes, and also how you guys got the legendary Angelo Torres to draw Forelock?

SB: I met Art Fuentes at San Diego Comic Con last summer (2012), he was a friend of Craig’s and already helping out with various artistic elements for the Yoe Books on titles and other stuff. He’s a great guy and incredible freelance artist with a huge range of styles. I know he worked at Spumco for a while– he makes these totally rad paper toys you have to see to believe: http://www.uncleghastly.blogspot.com
Craig knows everyone in the comic/entertainment industry, though I believe Angelo Torres‘ involvement with Haunted Horror first came up last year at SDCC too. His illustration of Forelock is mind blowing.


There ya have it, folks. Straight from the horrors mouth, as it were.

Now I encourage each and every one of you creeps reading this to drag yourself out of your coffin every other month and pick up this awesome book. Let Forelock the Warlock and Mr. Karswell be the friends you know you don’t have and never really wanted. They‘ll introduce you to all the best horror that the golden age had to offer. And remember, there’s no sghoul like the old sghoul!


2 thoughts on “Horror Hosts in Putrid Print: Haunted Horror

  1. Found it. Dungeon Of Doom from the March “52
    issue of Chamber Of Chills #6.

    Again, would love to see it in Hounted Horror

  2. You ran a great story a few months back that
    involved creatures in the subway. I believe the
    female charactor was eaten.

    I would love to see this story in Haunted Horror
    in the near future.

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