Italian Horror in Japan?

As if any of us needed another excuse to visit Japan… Just think about it — Even the mere mention of Japan instantly sparks images of Godzilla, Ultraman and all of their Kaiju pals. Asian Horror is in a league all it’s own — I mean our editor Dixie Dellamorto is probably more terrified of Asian woman and children ghosts than any other horror movie monster… Like sleep with the lights on/escorted to the bathroom in the middle of the night terrified… furthermore Japan is WEIRD. They’ve got weird stuff on the TV, they’ve got weird vending machines, they’ve got weird porn…. they’re just WEIRD.

One thing that does not come to mind when thinking about Japan is… Dario Argentoor any Italian Horror for that matter. Well that is all about to change for you:
8759_591696967537156_567570102_nCambiare is an Italian Bar and Grill basted on, You guessed it, Dario Argento’s masterwork Suspiria and it is located smack-dab in the middle of Tokyo. 10551_591696687537184_177742843_n
This bar is meticulously decorated and bathed in dramatic red lights and gives you more than just the feeling that you’re enrolling in a prestigious dance academy in Freiburg Germany.  I mean this place looks like Goblin sounds! One would be fearful that while enjoying a drink, a woman would burst in thru stained glass window on the wall or that maggots would rain from the ceiling.


970423_591696714203848_1714618658_nThe only thing we’re going to be missing is clumsy dance practice and a blind man playing the piano… If you visit you must tell us if they have either of those things!

For now, you can watch the full film at the bottom of this post (if you don’t mind goofy yellow subtitles) and see if you can spot all of the great architecture and design that they’re emulating over at Cambiare!

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