Artist Spotlight: Joseph Proffitt

This incredible portrait of Elvira was done by none other than Joseph Proffitt, an extremely talented artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was first introduced to Horror Hosts when he was just a little tyke. He told us,

I have never been one that gets a lot of sleep and one night I couldn’t stay in bed so I went downstairs and turned on the television. The T.V. was set on channel 19 WXIX (
Cincinnati, Ohio) and that was my first glimpse of the late and always great Dick Von Hoene aka The Cool Ghoul. After that I was hooked and became more aware of other Horror Hosts including Dr. Creep (Dayton, Ohio)... I chose to draw Horror Hosts because I love what they do and they were a big part of my life when I was a kid. No matter how bad my week was, I could sneak downstairs on Friday night and watch “Elvira’s Movie Macabre” and everything was better, plus It’s my way of saying Thank You! Every time I sit down to draw a Horror Host it takes me back to the happiest time of my life and that is a feeling that I love immensely!”

When we asked him about his technique, Joseph shared,

“I just stare at something I want to draw for a little while and go from there, it just happens. I’ll sketch a character/scene out in pencil first and if I like the way it’s going it I move on to the shading and if I don’t like it I will crumble it up, throw it away and start over. I guess you could say I am self taught. I draw constantly! I was always told if you want to get better, draw as much as you can, so I try to do that.”

Joseph is as humble and modest as he is talented! He is very thankful that people appreciate his work. He says he can’t express it enough. We love what he is doing and we hope that you do, too! Here are some more examples of his fantastic work!


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