Mike Diva Grindhouse Megamix Sung by 50 movies

Mike DivaHere is a titillating treat for you gorehounds and trash cinema aficionados — An electronic grindhouse adventure thanks to editing wizard Mike Diva and friends.

Earlier this year  “Full Moon Features” gave Mike Diva 50 movies from their collection to make a promotional video with. What resulted was an exciting blend of “sick beats” and grindhouse goodies also featuring Elvira. Check it out!

“This video contains scenes and language that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.” We’ve always wanted to say that…

Directed by: Mike Dahlquist
Song by: Mike Dahlquist, Dat Beat, and Richard Witt.
produced and mixed by: Dat Beat (David Dahlquist)
Edited by: Zachary Suprenant, and Mike Dahlquist

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