Etsy Bitsy Spiders & Smart-Arse Art Sale

How can you own a piece of Horror Hosts and Creature Features now that the first issue is officially “sold out” and the next print edition is a ways off?

You can’t touch or feel a web page–we understand that. And we can’t buy monster lab equipment or gas up the Killdozer on electronic fan-love alone. There is a way for everyone to win! Purchase framable, collectable, respectable art from our Etsy shop!

Dixie Dellamorto art features her new BIG EYE B-QUEENS series…Trash from Return of the Living Dead, Divine from John Water’s Female Trouble, Spider-Baby, and a Shrunken Red-Head kick off the set. Also look out for a Lovecraftian Mixed Media print and a Metaluna Mutant.

Grab some art from our publisher Mr. Lobo-“The Horror Hosts Horror Host”! Prints of his work on acrylic include: “The Return of Capt. Cosmic and Wonder Robot 2T2” honoring his friend and mentor Bob Wilkins, Radio Roots an illustration for the HHCF article, and a trio of paintings for Zom-Bee channel promo art including a monster, UFOs, and a self portrait just in time for Mothers Day!

The most notable of the paintings Mr. Lobo and Dixie collaborated on is “Phantom Of The Paradise”. The two worked together on a piece to honor recently departed actor William Finley who played the title role in the 1974 Brian DePalma film. “He Sold his Soul for Rock and Roll”–but will be remembered forever…

The original acrylic on canvas paintings will be for sale in the future BUT limited edition prints are available now.

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