A Fabulous Friend’s Freaky Phantom Finger!


Ophelia fingerMeet Opheila Necro: she’s creepy, kooky and altogether ooky. She also happens to be a personal friend to the Staff of Horror Hosts and Creature Features and we think she’s spectacular! Not only is she a Creepy Crafter, but she is also a Northern California Radio DJ who hosts “The Suicide Watch”  where she spins mysterious and unknown music and to top it all off she has a massive collection of the strange and utterly bizarre in her home. Everything from Victorian Funeral Stereo View Cards, Ventriloquist dummies, and Vintage Halloween Masks… The 3 V’s as it were… It’s no wonder that someone so vastly interesting would end up being a subject of Science…
The Science Channel that is!

This is a clip of Ophelia on the upcoming episode of Oddities: San Francisco. You can catch the full episode this Saturday!

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