“Put Wood in Poughkeepsie” update

The crowdfunding campaign for the Life-Size Bronze Statue of our savior Ed Wood is officially open, and they’ve already raised over 3,000 of their goal!

Joe Netherworld has a question for you, “Don’t you think the beloved cult film director of such amazing B Movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space deserves a life size bronze statue?” Well, they do and they are on a mission to make that happen.

“Put Wood in Poughkeepsie” is a crowd sourced fund raiser to finance the creation of a statue of Edward D. Wood Jr. and to place it in his home town of Poughkeepsie N.Y.  Ed Wood is a legend and an inspiration to all “Who Dare to Dream” and that quote will be placed on the front of the granite base the statue will be set upon. This is an amazing chance to honor the inspirational life of Ed Wood by giving him a grand homecoming to the city that help create the legend.Lead Sculptor: Patrick Pigott, has over 30 years experience creating sculptures and action figures that have sharpened his abilities to a level achieved by very few and examples of his work can be seen on his website Pigott Studios here is the beginning of the bust sculpture that will be 3-d scanned and output as part of the life size full figure statue!

test version of Ed Wood bust
test version of Ed Wood bust

Joe Netherworld is acting as producer on this project and with his many years of experience in getting any job he takes done well and on budget will ensure this gets done and done right. Being an accomplished sculptor and mold maker helps, too.

They’ve got some great pledge rewards lined up. A pledge of $5 or more will get you a thank you on Ed Wood Statue website. $10 or more will get you in the fan club, you’ll get a set of cool buttons! A pledge $20 or more will get “Wood in your mailbox”, you’ll actually get 2 postcards from the Post Office that Ed Wood jr.’s father worked at! $50 or more will get you a coveted “I Got Wood in Poughkeepsie” T-Shirt and an autographed and personalized 8×10 photo of Internationally famous adult film star, Baily Jay dressed as one of her role models, Vampira. A pledge $60 or more will get you a jar of actual soil from Ed Wood’s childhood home. as well as a signed 8×10 of our Tor and Vampira. the photo was taken on the steps of the Ed Wood house itself! $100 or more gets you a crazy cool Ed Wood Bust. a resin casting approximate size 4 inches tall ,of the actual bust that will be used for the computer scan for the Life Size statue! A pledge $250 or more gets your name on the crew list in bronze. See you name forever associated with Ed Wood by having it added to the bronze plaques featured on the actual base of the statue! $1,000 or more will get you name on top in big bold letters like every Hollywood producer you get top billing! I don’t know about you, but we’re ultra excited about this project! Get your butt over to the kickstarter and “Put Wood in Poughkeepsie”!!

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