Apocalypse Now!

A 4-Day Post-Apocalyptic Party in the Desert
Just to recap: It is the dawn of the apocalypse! Wasteland Weekend starts Today!
We are very excited to join the festivities in the  Desert.

Look out for Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto as they will be filming new material for Cinema Insomnia and interviewing all sorts of interesting people!

This is the third year of fans from all over the world congregating in the California Desert. Denizens of the wasteland are invited to set up camp and become completely immersed– Costumes are mandatory and post-apocalyptic campsites and vehicles are encouraged. Remember this is an ADULTS ONLY event.

You can still Buy Tickets here! Keep in mind that tickets will not be available at the gate. If you need to buy a ticket at the event, use your smart phone.

For all of you film buffs, this year is the first year of the Wasteland Film Festival. Their mission is to showcase films by emerging and established filmmakers that bring Post-Apocalyptic worlds to life. They will be screening short films post-apocalyptic style and awarding prices to the winners — as well as screening some fun features outside of competition.

Also don’t miss the tons of live entertainment set up all over the place, including a special appearance by internet sensation Mike Diva who will be demonstrating his computer wizardry and bass cannon skills tomorrow night during the opening ceremonies. We think he’s too pretty for the apocalypse but one thing is for sure: he will amplify the fun factor by at least 1.21 gigawatts.


Read More for schedule highlights

Please note that this schedule is subject to change and that they will NOT have printed versions of this schedule at the event, so if you’re planning on going you may want to print this out: WW event schedule. Once you are there you can always check the large chalk board next to the main stage for the latest schedule updates.You can also have a text service that allows them to broadcast reminders about upcoming shows and activities, as well as important messages to your phone. How cool is that?


Ongoing entertainment not listed on this schedule includes:


Thunderdome aka Dome Of Destruction – Fights and other performances (fire, belly dancing) will take place several times each day and night.

 Last Chance Casino. Casino operating hours will be posted at the casino.

 Dagger and Dark’s Circus At The End Of The World. Performances and times will be posted at their camp.

 Dystopia dance pavilion. Dystopia will start playing music during the day and stop at 2:30am on Thursday night, and 3:30am on Friday and Saturday nights.

 Wasteland Film Festival – The film festival tent will start showing movies each night around sunset. Film schedule will be posted on a board outside the tent.

 Dagger and Dark’s Circus (Dave Baker and Jack Dagger) – Various entertainment will be featured at this camp throughout the weekend. Showtimes will be posted on a board at their camp.

Thursday, Sep. 27th


12 – 2:00pm – The Wasteland gates open to the themed area.

6:30pmOpening ceremonies at the main stage.

6:30pm – The Atomic Café bar opens.

6:45pmLive BandMike Diva plays.

7:30pm – 9pm. – DJ set one. GoGo dancers start with the first DJ set each night.

9pm – 9:30pm – Special guest DJ Pere Nucleiare (Father Nuclear) from Paris.

11pm Fire dancing or fire combat performance


Friday, Sept. 28th


11am – Music begins for the day (wasteland radio, or pre-recorded DJ sets, or live DJs as available).

11am – Archery practice at archery range. Range open for one hour.

2pm – 3pm – Tribe group photo portraits. Tribes should gather and pose in their own camps. Photographers will come around to each in turn, starting closest to the HQ and working counter-clockwise. Tribes out in the general camping area will be done after.

4:30pm – Jugger match 1

6pmPhotoshoot at the main gates – Featuring a gasmask group photo (i.e. only people with gasmasks) and other informal group shots. (The big group portrait photo is not until Saturday evening)

6:30pmSmashbotz. Robot battles (approx. 30 min). Location TBD

6:45pm – Atomic Café opens.

 6:45pmCelsius fire performance.

7pm Live BandTalea plays.

9pm – Duel At Dusk Productions fire combat show.

9:15pmLive BandAHTCK plays

10:30pm–  Sorex Circus. Fire dancing and fire combat.

11pm – Filmmaker gathering at Film Fest Tent (There are several filmmaker discussions throughout the weekend, but this one brings a whole group together)


Saturday, Sept. 29th


11amWasteland games. Archery first, followed by the rest.

2pm – Slow vehicle cruise of themed vehicles around the surrounding dirt roads for photos/video. At own risk. Not officially part of event.

5pmJugger match 2.

6:30pm (sunset) – Costume contest (aka the Wasteland Style Awards) judging at the main stage.

6:45pm – Atomic Café opens.

7pmLive bandLarva plays.

7:45pm9pmDJ set .

9:00pmLive BandQuiverbone plays.

10pm Duel At Dusk Productions – Fire combat and Wasteland burlesque.

10:45pmLive BandMouth Of The Serpent plays

MidnightCasino auction for people to buy prizes with their hard-won bottle caps.


Sunday, Sept 30th


Few scheduled activities. A chance for attendees to spend some time taking in the Wasteland for one last morning, purchasing last items from vendors, and saying goodbye to old and new friends while they pack up their camps.


11am – Brother Justify, the wasteland preacher gives his sermon. Location TBD.

Visitthe official Wasteland Weekend website for the full schedule.