Fun New Items in Our Shop!!

Shop Sign 1Howdy Gang, Dixie Here!
Winter just won’t quit.
Outside the wind is blowing. It’s cold and wet. Ominous clouds are cracked open like a deformed pinata full of your least favorite candy, which (if you’re anything like me) is probably those black and orange peanut butter thingies they give out on Halloween and old people call Reese’s when they’re so clearly not — but I digress…
nasty candy
Today didn’t feel like a productive day to spend in the Creepy Crafter studio so I curled up with a 70’s horror movie, some hot chocolate, and a determination to put some of my new products in the shop. Items include:

Box pink cute green skull B 18 decorated wooden boxes in all shapes, sizes, and colors
Painting Twilight Zone A 7 original paintings including this never-before-seen Rod Serling mixed media piece!
ZAMN Lunchbox A
and a Retro Zombies Ate My Neighbors Lunchbox!

Also, keep an eye out this week for our new line of jewelry and accessories.
If you’ve got some free time on this dreary Sunday afternoon, stop by our
shop and if you feel so inclined buy something for yourself or a friend — it’s what keeps us going!

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