Ryan B reads Elvira’s Christmas Carol

By Ryan B
Ryan B is wishing all of you a Merry Scary Christmas over at his Blog Comic Book Crud with this special story that he picked out just for you!
Keep an eye out of it socket for a horrifyingly entertaining article about your ol’ EC pals, The Vault-Keeper & The Old Witch in a future  instalment of Ryan B’s Comice Book Creeps right here on Horror Hosts and Creature Features!
“Yay! Christmas day has finally come and Santa brought me everything I asked for… after a little persuasion. Once I let him go and he flew out of sight, he shouted, “Merry Christmas to all!” and then took off in fright.

So since I’m in such a holly jolly mood today I decided to give you all a Christmas treat.
A story featuring many of your favorite horror hosts including Cain, Abel, Destiny, and Elvira! There’s even a special (sort of) appearance by Zacherly.

So here ya go, from Elvira’s House of Mystery Christmas Special, it’s a horrific twist on a classic Dickensian tale.”

“Well I hope all you delinquents enjoyed that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, me and Tom are going to go engage in some holiday hijinks. I think we’ll start with some good old fashioned Christmas caroling. I’ve got the eggs and toilet paper all ready to go.

Merry Christmas!”

Thanks Ryan! Visit Ryan B’s Comic Book Crud and look out for more installments of Comic Book Creeps in the near future!