New Indie Film: A Fun Homage to Classic Horror

DSCN8197TALES OF DRACULA is a indie film by Wolfbain Productions. The Director, Joe Demuro, says “It is time to bring back old school horror.”

DSCN8086‘The film is to follow Dracula, the king of vampires who has returned to his native soil and his castle in the Carpathian Mountains to regain his strength. While there, he seeks a new bride to do his bidding and chooses a farmer’s daughter who is pure of heart. However, Dr. Victoria Frankenstein has other plans for the infected blood of Dracula’s new bride. Victoria plans to rejuvenate the Monster created by her grandfather, Henry Frankenstein, by mixing the vampire’s blood with the blood coursing through the Monster’s veins. Once Dracula learns of this treachery, he sets out to take his revenge.
Joe assures us that,This is a must have film for any classic monster fan, old and new alike.” He asks us to Journey back with us, to the good old silver-screen days, with Tales of Dracula.”We invite you to watch the Trailer and leave some feedback for Joe on YouTube.

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