Tasty review by Lunchmeat of our VHS Secret Stash Boxes!

VHS is Happiness

Stash Box Edward ALunchmeat, an independently printed magazine that celebrates the obscure and esoteric in cinema, has done a nice write up on their Blog about our VHS Secret Stash Boxes! Lunchmeat has a central focus on the wonderful and weird world of the VHS format, publishing reviews of hard-to-find VHS tapes, interviews and articles featuring actors, directors and other creative personalities, along with lots of fun features on all things bizarre residing in the fantastic world of under-appreciated cinema.
Be sure to check them out — They’re our kind of people!

Stash Box BTF C

It’s all about the Hamiltons’, baby.



They’ve also got some rad items over at the “Meat Market” for you Tapeworms: including but not limited to Magazines, Bags, Stickers, New VHS releases, A fan Club Kit, and Killer T-Shirts!

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