The doors shut at Midnite Mausoleum?


In an official announcement made on Facebook June 2 everybody’s favorite Horror Ghoul, Marlena Midnite, admits that Midnite Mausoleum has ceased production. The last episode of Mausoleum was shot in January and the sets were destroyed to make way for their exciting new project, DAWN OF DRACULA. Don’t worry hardcore fans, they shot enough Mausoleum material that we still have a few months of unseen shows to enjoy!

 “When Blake and I created the show, it was really just something fun to do to amuse ourselves and some people on myspace… but soon the show grew, began running on Public Access T.V. — By the end of the year We were running on over 12 stations across the U.S. and the roller-coaster ride began.  Fast Forward to 2013: We now run on over 50 stations across the U.S. and have done numerous conventions and over 70 episodes of the show” Marlena explains, “But the simple fact of the matter is that I never had any intention of being a professional actress or Horror Host and although the show can be fun to do, there is a lot of time, money and effort invested in something that really has no paycheck. the reality is, that none of us can afford to invest the time or money since we have other projects, work and a retail business to attend to. The DAWN OF DRACULA project is certainly first on my list.”61396_360780490677346_792088320_nWe know you’re probably wishing that these cryptic cuties would keep the Mausoleum open — However we are just overwhelmed with excitement for their future projects and wish them a ton of luck in their new endeavors!

6 thoughts on “The doors shut at Midnite Mausoleum?

  1. 1st, writers? Hired? As in PAY MONEY? Hahahahahahahahah… No

    2nd – yep still crushing along on WQAD entering year #3… Actually switching to the ABC affiliate in February 2016.

    3rd, we actually pulled our show from public access a couple years back although several stations might still be running it but technically no one but Tribune Broadcasting can run the show…

  2. MM is on NECAT cable access programming channel in Nashville, TN. That is the good news. The bad news is that the station only has about a half dozen different episodes and show them over and over each Saturday night at 10pm CST. I discovered MM in December 2014. Each Saturday night from December 2014 through February 2015 the same episode, The Track of the Moon Beast, was aired. I contacted the station, who in turn ,apologized then began running different episodes. Alas, the episodes were limited and we see the same ones over and over again. Can anyone advise how we may secure additional episodes?

  3. I bet had they hired some writers they could if been picked up by a cable network. The show had potential but the writing was awful.

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