The World’s Best Artist designs One of Cleveland’s Finest Horror Hosts!

Hey, Group! This pop-tastic poster of the self-proclaimed Horror Host king of Cleveland was Submitted to Horror Hosts and Creature Features magazine by one of our favorite artists! This piece promoting  an upcoming SEPTEMBER 8th event is one of the highlights of Mitch O’Connell‘s recent art show at the Kollective Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio centering around the Local Late Night Legend, the President of Parma, the Mayor of Mayhem, …THE GHOUL! 

Ron Sweed‘s character is the official successor to Cleveland legend GHOULARDI. He carried on the look and catch phrases of his hero – Ernie Anderson‘s SHOCK THEATER host character from the early 60’s – only with a lot more energy! In the 1970’s Kaiser Broadcasting put the THE GHOUL SHOW into syndication and the SF bay area got a taste of the Cleveland TV tradition. More recently, our Publisher, Northern California’s MR. LOBO got to share the stage with THE GHOUL for two live shows and was worn out by the senior horror host! He was hopping around on Hoppity Hops, shooting pumpkin seeds out of his nose, torturing his plastic pal FROGGIE, exploding things with “boom-booms” and shouting a plethora of Ghoulspeak: “Stay Sick”, “Turn Blue”, “Scratch Glass”, “Climb Walls”, “Purple Knif”, “Cool It Ova Dey!”

Join fellow members of the Ghoul Army  – all night long on September 8th at the Kollective Gallery, 1908 S. Taylor Road in Cleaveland Heights – for a celebration of GHOUL POWER!

Mitch O’Connell is the perfect artist to capture the kitsch and fun of Horror Hosts and the kinds of films they present. Some good examples are his posters for Chicago’s annual B-Fest movie marathon and his depiction of ED WOOD in the graphic novel BIG BOOK OF WEIRDOS.

He has a new book called MITCH O’CONNELL THE WORLD’S BEST ARTIST BY MITCH O’CONNELL and it is available on AMAZON. And to see more amazing art go to!  



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