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It’s easy for us to say that The Cramps are one of the most influential punk bands of all time. The husband and wife duo of singer Lux Interior and lead guitarist Poison Ivy were horror enthusiasts who could have been horror hosts had they not been so talented – er – musically talented. Their songs were primarily about cult movies, monsters, sex, fashion and horror hosts — specifically Ohio hosts such as Ghoulardi and The Mad Daddy.

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Punk Rock is an expression of rebellion and DIY attitude and we feel it is a value for those in the horror host scene to embrace a similar spirit. We at Horror Hosts and Creature    Features salute The Cramps in this installment of Creepy Crafters! We hope it inspires you to make things, break things and support those who make things and break things!

“Bigger blast than the atom bomb! Come on baby, the Cramp Stomp!”

We’ll start with something straightforward! Everyone loves buttons… and if you don’t… then what are you going to put on your jacket… food stamps? This nifty set of Ten 1″ Cramps buttons stomped out by ButtonMachine on Etsy include an ultra cool golden Cramps logo button featuring an out of this world sparkly flake finish!


This outfit answers the question:
“What’s Inside a Girl?”
This lovely skeletal set is made to order out of Latex to your measurements. The complete outfit is  masterfully executed! The shop owner is open to different color combinations and custom ideas! Each piece is sold separately and you can find the entire
Skeleton at the Krisztalatex shop on Etsy. Click the pictures below to view all of her amazing skeleton listings!

“How ’bout them there Sunday panties Hey, today ain’t Sunday!
Get ‘em off o’ your fanny!”

Leopard Print is daringdarling and dangerous when you’re donning these roller derby shorts by knickerockeroller on Etsy! Anything goes when you’re kicking ass in the rink!


“Pair of shades, Purple shoes — I got a parachute to land on you!
I am The Mad Mad Daddy!”

These “combat boots” are handmade out of purple colored natural leather with black rubber soles. You can do the Cramp Stomp in these purple kicks by BlueDrop on Etsy!

“Miss Mascara Monster waitin’ at the end of the road! Murder in make-up

Midnight Blue #7(left) by FaceCandyCouture on Etsy is a dark mysterious blue with soft shimmer. If you are looking for intense Sapphire blue lipstick (right) this is the one for you! By MyBeautyAddiction on Etsy!

“I’m the captain of the cavalry! I’m the queen of outer space! I got a she devil orgy in the twilight zone, sheer panties of the queen Anne’s lace!”

Made of black pvc-lycra fabric, this YouBadGirl original design is Shiny, alluring, and stretchy! The front of this “hoodie”  includes a lace up detail which looks like an exciting underbust corset and also makes it adjustable to your measurements. Check it out as well as other handmade alternative fashions at
YouBadGirl on Etsy ! We know you want it!



“I know you been hiding something — Secrets in your past. Whooo, baby, I just gotta know… What’s behind the mask?”

This Ribbon Tie Latex Mask by abigailgreydanus on Etsy would be perfect for fighting crime, or hiding an unsightly skin condition, extra eye or surgical incision. The mask is latex and comes in your choice of colors, it ties in the back with coordinating ribbons. It is sleek and stylish for any occasion.


“Yeah it’s just what you need when you’re down in the dumps — One half hillbilly and one half punk!”

HHCF Creepy Crafter alumnus, CherryLock delivers a new piece of glam-rock jewelry in the form of this “Skully Punk Bling Ring“! Skull cameo set in a Black crystal base attached to a silver adjustable band!


“Sunglasses after dark — 
Aaah, they’re so sharp and you’ll be cool and the squares will drool…”

Lux was often pictured wearing large round sunglasses and these are the “absolute best”! The Frame is adorned with tons of jet black, genuine Swarovski crystals for ultimate sparkle which is sure to make everyone stop dead in their tracks! Check these out and other precious designs at CutieDynamite on Etsy!


“Life is short and it’s filled with stuff…” and that’s enough for now Creepy Crafter Lovers! Join us next time when we look at even more inspiring DIY Thing Makers!

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