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The 8 Most Successful Horror Film Franchises

Horror cinema is in most cases very successful, particularly because it has a low budget vein. Of course, in the case of being successful, a horror movie will be extended to franchises, mostly endless and full of reboots or alternate universes.

As the repetition seems not to tire the viewers, that’s why we have very successful horror movie franchises. Let’s see what they are:


8 the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Leatherface is a banner of the cinema, and it is no surprise that the low budget of all (50 million dollars in total for six films) the character’s films has resulted in a large collection: 235 million dollars.

7 Halloween

Michael Myers, which we should not confuse with the actor who makes the voice of Shrek, has almost as much money in the bank as his acting counterpart, since his saga raised $ 366 million. Yes, it is little, but, considering that the first one was made with $ 325,000, it is incredible.

6 Nightmare on Elm Street

We all love Freddy Krueger, despite being a terrible paranormal entity. If you do not believe us, just look at the collection at the box office of his saga of 9 films: 457 million dollars. That’s fifty million for each film!

Paramount pictures

5 Friday the 13th

If Jason Vorhees and his enemy Freddy fought for who is more successful at the box office, the winner would be Jason, as he took home 465 million dollars in total. Of course, with 12 films in his saga, the individual average is lower than Freddy’s… let’s leave it in a draw!

Warner Bros. Pictures

4 the Exorcist

Although there is no clear budget for each of the films, including the conflicting prequels The Beginning and Dominion, the fact is that this entire franchise raised some wonderful 660 million dollars, which adjusted to inflation exceed one billion.

3 Final Destination

Death is not very cool to say, and less when you discover that one made fun of her, so choose to take revenge in the most ingenious ways. With five films in the franchise, a total of $ 665 million was raised on a combined budget of 150 million.


2 Saw

It is a matter of having a series of elaborate traps, either to attract victims, as spectators of this franchise. The seven films of the saga cost a total of 67 million, but ended up taking home more than 950 million dollars. Not even Jigsaw saw that coming!

1 Paranormal Activity

It is practically obvious to decipher that this franchise is a huge success, especially when its main characteristic is that they are all made for very little money. Thus, from a total budget of 18 million dollars, 810 million dollars were raised.

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