We’ve Lost Time, Found Unusual Marks, and We Have A New Cosmic Awareness… Where have we been?

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We’ve Lost Time, Found Unusual Marks, and We Have A New Cosmic Awareness… Where have we been?

No, we haven’t been abducted by aliens (as far as we know), but we have been training for an intergalactic mission of epic proportions! Who is looking out to make YOUR entertainment universe better? We are! Piles and piles of Mega-Fun Top Secret projects all add up to our new venture…OUTER SPACE INTERNATIONAL and our new streaming channel OSI 74. We are reinvesting all our profits into the channel as we get ready for launch OCTOBER 30th, 2015. Now is the time to buy a CD, DVD, Poster, Shirt, Sticker, or other collectible treasure to join in on the fun and to give us…

by CharlesHarrison
September 20, 2015

Put on your 3-D Glasses! Creature Features Bob Wilkins Interviews Christopher Lee in the Great Beyond

SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE arrived in the kingdom of infinity looking well. He is obviously enjoying his vacation after a lifetime of intense work entertaining us fans of Fantastika in classic Hammer Horror films like THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN(1957), HORROR OF DRACULA(1958),  and THE MUMMY(1959) and Summer block-busters from the STAR WARS and LORD OF THE RINGS film franchises. He even played WILLY WONKA‘s father in the TIM BURTON film, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY(2005). And Misunderstood Movie fans will remember his roles in POLICE ACADEMY 7: MISSION TO MOSCOW(1994) and the big budget comedy bomb 1941(1979). Whitout a doubt, LEE…


Cosmic (Fred Frederick) Charlie here, continuing to participate in the Cinema Insomnia ‘March of the Dolls” doll themed month of march! Today’s film, Dolls! Directed by Stuart Gordon, who you should already know from his amazing work in the horror genre, like  Re-Animator, which came out the same year that this movie was made, even though this movie didn’t come out ‘til two years later. Also involved was producer Charles Band, who would go on to helm Full Moon Entertainment, and producer Brian Yuzna, who you should also already know from Re-Animator, unless you’re some sort of not-nerd, in which case,…

by CharlesHarrison
March 13, 2015

Puppet Master

Another Fred ‘Cosmic Charlie’ Frederick original here. Now to conquer the first This is NOT child’s play. installment in what can be considered one of the all time greatest collections of hits and misses of sequels in film history, Puppet Master. Not as easy to calculate as the Paramount Star Trek movies (odds=bad, evens=good), but still a debatable line of good and bad that separates fans and haters alike. Though the third movie is widely considered to be the best of the now ten parts series, the first two aren’t without their merits. I’ll be focusing on the first film here, but…

by CharlesHarrison
March 12, 2015

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Gooooooood morning Vietnam, and the rest of the world. Freddy Fred Frederick here, with a review of the proto-slasher classic known as The Town That Dreaded Sundown. The 1976 one, not the 2014 remake, which should just go without saying, but I said it anyways. The film is one of those “based on a true story” deals, where the names of people and places were changed to protect the innocent. The events it’s based off took place in texas in the 40s, by a murderer known as ‘the Phantom Killer’, but if you didn’t know that, you might assume that…

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Fred (Cosmic Charlie) here again but with a special review for a movie that I have chosen in order to honor one of the greatest humans to walk this earth, Mr. Leonard Nemoy. Of all the actors I have watched in film and television, he was the most, influential to nerds, like myself. He has been, and always shall be, our friend So, today’s film Invasion Of The Body Snatchers is probably the only remake you will see me review (besides John Carpenter’s The Thing) and could actually be considered a sequel to the original, technically, what with Kevin McCarthy…

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