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Bubba Ho-Tep

It’s Friday night, and the mood is right, to get freaky with some Bubba Ho-Tep, possibly the high water point of Bruce Campbell’s acting abilities on film. To compact this film into a general description is to sound like an insane person and probably keep people from hanging out with you. In summary, it’s the time honored classic tale of a man who might be Elvis is rotting away in a retirement home with his friend who is JFK but in a black man’s body and they’re being attacked by a mummy who has a taste for old people’s souls.…

by CharlesHarrison
January 17, 2015

Maniac Cop

It’s day 4 of my Bruce Campbell movie review week, and already, the effects are starting to show. I’ve been having shortness of breath, an uncontrollable urge to say “Groovy!” every time I’m getting dressed, and I’ve changed my cat’s name from Bruce to Ash to Brisco to Lord Bowler and finally to That Character From Congo Who Dies In The First Five Minutes. It’s like a special part of Hell that Pinhead has saved just for me, and it’s full of Bruce… …and I love it. I’m a Bruce maniac, which is a better type of maniac to be…

by CharlesHarrison
January 16, 2015

The Man With The Screaming Brain

…The Man With The Screaming Brain!!! Part 3 in my week-long gush over the only man in the world I would die for who isn’t associated with a Pinball Machine in any way (no Army of Darkness pinball!??! what the hell, world?) Mr. Bruce “My Name Is Bruce” Campbell. The film that features our man in his feature-film directorial debut. He also stars, produces, and co-writes this gem of a Sci-Fi feature made possible by cheap Bulgarian crews and the fall of Communism. It went into production immediately following Alien Apocalypse wrapped up, and if you keep your eyes open,…

by CharlesHarrison
January 14, 2015

Alien Apocalypse

What’s this? Another review!? But why? A rip in the fabric of time? Well, since I accidentally absorbed too much nuclear energy from that downed submarine and then quantum leapt about a month into the future, thus missing a month of posts, I’ve decided to dedicate time to a week long of catch-up movie reviews that all center around one of my favorite stars of the smaller cinema, Mr. Bruce Campbell. So hop on board my invisible spaceship and we’ll blast off on another adventure in the world of Sci-Fi made-for-TV Movies! A long time ago, in a galaxy that…

by CharlesHarrison
January 13, 2015

Terminal Invasion

On my death bed, there are a few things I will refuse to repent for. My love of eating Barbeque while on roller skates. The years of my time spent learning everything in the universe about Pinball, including a portal to the disco pinball dimension. And most importantly, my undying allegiance to the greatest B-Movie actor to ever walk the face of the earth, Bruce Campbell. I will watch any movie that Bruce is in, and that includes supporting roles like in Crimewave or Maniac Cop, as well as cameos like Escape From L.A., The Majestic, Sky High, or Aqua…

by CharlesHarrison
January 12, 2015

House of the Devil

Hey, Remember the Eighties? Well, probably more than you remember Jim Breuer’s career (R.I.P.) but maybe also not at all, in which case do not fear, because me and today’s film in focus The House of the Devil (2009) are here to tell it like it is, or was, and shall be again? Haha, none of that now, I already made that joke in a previous review, and I don’t wanna start reusing old jokes here, because I don’t believe anyone should be recycling, unless you want the commies to win!!! This Review Is Based On A Real Movie. Follow…

by CharlesHarrison
November 18, 2014
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