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To Serve a Big Big Man – Richard “Jaws” Kiel 1939-2014

TO SERVE A BIG BIG MAN by MR.LOBO At 1:01:01 on the timeline in CINEMA INSOMNIA’s PRESENTATION OF EEGAH! THE NAME WRITTEN IN BLOOD(1962) you will see Mr. Lobo’s interview with a Gentle Giant. 7ft-2in actor, RICHARD KIEL was a hero to me and–I assume–tall weird kids everywhere! As a youngster, everyday in school, I put my tin foil from my lunch in my mouth and pretended to be the metal toothed villain JAWS from the 007 Movies THE SPY WHO LOVED ME(1977) and MOONRAKER(1979). Mr. Lobo saw Richard Kiel’s serious side when he gave me a lecture about being…

by CharlesHarrison
September 11, 2014

A Witch’s Best Friend Is a Werewolf – Rest In Peace Magoo Gelehrter

We express our deepest condolences to the friends, family and fans of our beloved colleague Magoo Gelehrter–the smiling face behind the beloved werewolf Garou from the cult TV program PENNY DREADFUL’S SHILLING SHOCKERS. Dixie and Mr. Lobo, here on our Horror Host and Creature Features website, did an article a while back about the fund raiser to help pay their enormous medical expenses. With wolf-man like strength this man has been fighting for his life. He had been unable to work due to the pain and the strength it took to fight and cope with chemotherapy and the side effects.…

The Weird Weird World of Mike Vraney and Something Weird Video

THE WEIRD WEIRD WORLD OF MIKE VRANEY AND SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO By Mr. Lobo with Will Viharo, Lisa Petrucci, Daniel Griffith, and others. Cover art by David Hardy with Dixie Dellamorto Early this month, a friend notfied MR. LOBO–and our staff here at HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES, that SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO founder and visionary MIKE VRANEY “faded to black” after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 56. It hit me hard. This news is something bad…and something sad for many Misunderstood Movie fans and pop culture cultists. Many argue that he has done more than any other…

by CharlesHarrison
January 11, 2014

Under the Unforgettable Spell of Svengoolie

UNDER THE UNFORGETTABLE SPELL OF SVENGOOLIE By RICH KOZ (SVENGOOLIE II),     MR. LOBO, and THE BONE JANGLER. Art by DAVID HARDY and DIXIE DELLAMORTO. “The time has come for scary things like monsters, ghosts, and vampire wings, with horrible movies all drippy and drool-y, and horrible jokes, like me – Svengoolie!“   He slipped away from us squares here in the real world in a cloud of psychedelic smoke  last month.  We were still feeling the sting of losing the great BOB CARTER AKA Horror Host SAMMY TERRY when the word got to our desk here at HORROR HOSTS AND…

by CharlesHarrison
October 22, 2013

Sammy Terry Lives

Yesterday there was An Open to the  Public Visitation at Singleton Mortuary in Indianapolis. As we could not be there, we thought we might have a memorial of sorts right here at HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES. Take a moment. Turn off your phone. Sit in a dark quiet place and read along. SAMMY TERRY LIVES By MR. LOBO, Art by DAVID HARDY Special Thanks to MARK CARTER, SEAN KOTZ, SANDY CLARK, SOLOMON MORTAMUR, CREEPY CHRISTY SAVAGE, MARLENA MIDNITE, BLAKE POWELL,  JEROME A. DOLAN, DIXIE DELAMORTO, AND THE FANS OF SAMMY TERRY! This is a very sad time for horror…

Missing Saturday Afternoons with Dr. E. Nick Witty

WELCOME DEAR GUEST TO THE DEN OF E. NICK WITTY ALAN MILAIR 1931 – 2012 By Jerome A. Dolan Art By Mr. Lobo "Mr. Milair does his tademark laugh for the crew of Monster Mansion Memories..." Baby Boomers and Monster Kids of Syracuse are mourning the passing of veteran TV personality Alan Milair who died peacefully on April 22, 2012. He was 81. Born in Charleston, WV, He moved to Syracuse to further his career. Mr. Milair had a 30 year career with WSYR in their Radio and television departments. He was a newsman, weatherman, and host of talk shows.…

by CharlesHarrison
April 29, 2012
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