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TO ALL CREATURE FEATURES FANS: A letter from John Stanley

“TO ALL CREATURE FEATURES FANS: I have been very disturbed by what is happening on KOFY’s new Saturday midnight series, “CREATURE FEATURES.” ** Its host Jim Currie, who uses the name Al Omega to describe the TV horror host character he is portraying, is reportedly trying to trademark the title “CREATURE FEATURES,” which has been a generic title in use since the era of the horror host dating back to the 1960s and 1970s. (It was also the name of a board game that dates back to 1975.) This is extremely disturbing, given that, for one thing, “CREATURE FEATURES” was…

Look Out! It’s The Ghouligans! Misunderstood Monsters Looking for a Place in This World!

This is a critical review as well as a general article about these “cool” creeps and the challenges they obviously face. With decline of broadcast and DVD, the stranglehold of corporate media, the glut of amateurish horror content on the internet, and the attention span of the average monster kid diminishing to about 4 seconds…a lot of you reading this may have yet not taken the time to actually watch THE GHOULIGANS! We’ve had the DVDs in our possession for some time. Why did it take us so long to check it out? Mr. Lobo saw some of their old…

by CharlesHarrison
October 13, 2014

Marlena and “Midnite Mausoleum” Rise Again! – Now on Local Broadcast TV in October!

On June 5th, HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATUES reported–in an article called DOORS SHUT AT MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM–that our favorite cuddly cadaver, Marlena Midnite, had ceased production on her show Midnite Mausoleum. The last episode of Mausoleum was shot in January and the sets were destroyed to make way for their movie project, DAWN OF DRACULA. Well, many months have passed and HALLOWEEN miracles do happen! The Mausoleum is open for business once again — We’re just giddy excitement  as we share their exciting news! MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM returns with ALL NEW episodes via WQAD MyTV 8-3 (Davenport – Moline – Quad…

by CharlesHarrison
October 1, 2014

Madd love for Madd Frank

Midwest Monster, Madd Frank is unearthed in this documentary which blends original footage and modern day interviews. From 1985 to 1995, a horror host show took the airwaves. Madd Frank Presents, like many horror host programs introduced their viewers to the world of horror movies. “Call them outcasts, mavericks, comedians or oddballs – but, on top of that, they are legends who haven’t had the chance to tell their story…until now!” Madd Frank and crew are ready to tell their story. Help them reach their goal and find yourself the proud owner of some Madd cool collector’s items. They only…

by CharlesHarrison
August 4, 2014

A Witch’s Best Friend Is a Werewolf – Rest In Peace Magoo Gelehrter

We express our deepest condolences to the friends, family and fans of our beloved colleague Magoo Gelehrter–the smiling face behind the beloved werewolf Garou from the cult TV program PENNY DREADFUL’S SHILLING SHOCKERS. Dixie and Mr. Lobo, here on our Horror Host and Creature Features website, did an article a while back about the fund raiser to help pay their enormous medical expenses. With wolf-man like strength this man has been fighting for his life. He had been unable to work due to the pain and the strength it took to fight and cope with chemotherapy and the side effects.…

Sammy Terry Lives

Yesterday there was An Open to the  Public Visitation at Singleton Mortuary in Indianapolis. As we could not be there, we thought we might have a memorial of sorts right here at HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES. Take a moment. Turn off your phone. Sit in a dark quiet place and read along. SAMMY TERRY LIVES By MR. LOBO, Art by DAVID HARDY Special Thanks to MARK CARTER, SEAN KOTZ, SANDY CLARK, SOLOMON MORTAMUR, CREEPY CHRISTY SAVAGE, MARLENA MIDNITE, BLAKE POWELL,  JEROME A. DOLAN, DIXIE DELAMORTO, AND THE FANS OF SAMMY TERRY! This is a very sad time for horror…

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