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PART I: CASTLE BLOOD AND FRIGHT NIGHT FRIDAYS The unsinkable Ricky Dick is known to Horror Host fans like MR. LOBO only as GRAVELY MacCABRE, the host of MIDNIGHT MONSTER HOP. The characters from CASTLE BLOOD also populated another Horror Host Show from the 90’s called FRIGHT NIGHT FRIDAY. His company(with his Ex-Wife Karen) made clothes and props for FRIGHT NIGHT FRIDAY as well as for THE BONE JANGLER, NOCTURNA, THE LATE DR. LADY, and PENNY DREADFUL and he even showed GARU the werewolf how to do his make-up. Years before his national stint on RTV, he owned a costume…

by CharlesHarrison
August 1, 2012

Missing Saturday Afternoons with Dr. E. Nick Witty

WELCOME DEAR GUEST TO THE DEN OF E. NICK WITTY ALAN MILAIR 1931 – 2012 By Jerome A. Dolan Art By Mr. Lobo "Mr. Milair does his tademark laugh for the crew of Monster Mansion Memories..." Baby Boomers and Monster Kids of Syracuse are mourning the passing of veteran TV personality Alan Milair who died peacefully on April 22, 2012. He was 81. Born in Charleston, WV, He moved to Syracuse to further his career. Mr. Milair had a 30 year career with WSYR in their Radio and television departments. He was a newsman, weatherman, and host of talk shows.…

by CharlesHarrison
April 29, 2012
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