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To Serve a Big Big Man – Richard “Jaws” Kiel 1939-2014

TO SERVE A BIG BIG MAN by MR.LOBO At 1:01:01 on the timeline in CINEMA INSOMNIA’s PRESENTATION OF EEGAH! THE NAME WRITTEN IN BLOOD(1962) you will see Mr. Lobo’s interview with a Gentle Giant. 7ft-2in actor, RICHARD KIEL was a hero to me and–I assume–tall weird kids everywhere! As a youngster, everyday in school, I put my tin foil from my lunch in my mouth and pretended to be the metal toothed villain JAWS from the 007 Movies THE SPY WHO LOVED ME(1977) and MOONRAKER(1979). Mr. Lobo saw Richard Kiel’s serious side when he gave me a lecture about being…

by CharlesHarrison
September 11, 2014

Madd love for Madd Frank

Midwest Monster, Madd Frank is unearthed in this documentary which blends original footage and modern day interviews. From 1985 to 1995, a horror host show took the airwaves. Madd Frank Presents, like many horror host programs introduced their viewers to the world of horror movies. “Call them outcasts, mavericks, comedians or oddballs – but, on top of that, they are legends who haven’t had the chance to tell their story…until now!” Madd Frank and crew are ready to tell their story. Help them reach their goal and find yourself the proud owner of some Madd cool collector’s items. They only…

by CharlesHarrison
August 4, 2014

Tasty review by Lunchmeat of our VHS Secret Stash Boxes!

Lunchmeat, an independently printed magazine that celebrates the obscure and esoteric in cinema, has done a nice write up on their Blog about our VHS Secret Stash Boxes! Lunchmeat has a central focus on the wonderful and weird world of the VHS format, publishing reviews of hard-to-find VHS tapes, interviews and articles featuring actors, directors and other creative personalities, along with lots of fun features on all things bizarre residing in the fantastic world of under-appreciated cinema.

by CharlesHarrison
April 24, 2014

Help Make Forbidden Zone 2 A Reality!

Richard Elfman is using crowdfunding website Indiegogo to help him raise enough money to retain creative freedom for his Forbidden Zone 2 project. We’re hardcore fans of the original, and we’re excited! They’re well on their way having raised over 40,000 of their $100,000 Goal. The soundtrack sounds good and Richard is full of enthusiasm, however we sincerely hope that a good portion of that $100,000 is set aside for some cardboard and wrinkled butcher paper walls. The heavy use of green screen so far is disappointing because that handmade theatrical quality is what made Forbidden Zone so charming in…

by CharlesHarrison
March 30, 2014

I Dance by the Light of the TV Screen All Night Long

TerrorVision is the story of the Putterman Family who has a new satellite system installed. The powerful system starts picking up signals from outer space that opens their television up as a doorway to another world. The cast is amazing — Cult icons Mary Woronov and Gerrit Graham stand out playing the over-the-top swinger parents and Diane Franklin is great as the super cute New Wave Suzy Putterman. But do you know what the best part is? TerrorVision features a beautiful Horror Hostess: Medusa! She’s hot, she’s got snakes for hair, she’s snarky, and she has huge… talent. ..Before Shout…

by CharlesHarrison
March 28, 2014

So, uh… Here is the Phantasm V Ravager Teaser Trailer.

Howdy Gang, Dixie here and I can not believe this is actually happening… Sorry to get all fangirl in here but this looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. The Phantasm franchise in my all time favorite movie franchise of ALL TIME — I love all four movies to the core and can watch them back to back on any day of the week. Do you want to come to the Das Lobo Haus and have a Phantasm Marathon? Don’t tempt me because it could happen any minute. I haven’t been this excited about a movie since… well, since John Dies at the End.…

by CharlesHarrison
March 27, 2014
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