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author image by CharlesHarrison | 0 Comments | August 17, 2012

Mr. Lobo does think that these shows should be free for you to watch as it is broadcast over the air free and clear to TVs all over the country. His show CINEMA INSOMNIA will still be viewable on most AMGTV affiliates, THE MONSTER CHANNEL on the web, and the upcoming Roku type internet based television channel ZOMBEE TV.

From their YouTube channel’s launch a year ago, Cinema Insomnia episodes received many claims of copyright infringement. These claims come from dubious sourcescompetitors, distributors of PUBLIC DOMAIN content, robots that matched our FAIR USE content with another FAIR USE of same content, and AD hogs who hope a claim will allow them to imbed ads on our more popular pages.

Even unfounded and unfair claims will get your channel booted from YouTube. They had one to many claims and right or wrong CINEMAINSOMNIATV is now deleted.

However, due to a recent acquisition of Cinema Insomnia’s old distributor’s remaining stock, They still have about 60 out-of-print DVDs in house that are for sale. This is a great opportunity for those who of you who love the show and would like to own an episode in a fixed way that can’t be taken away on a corporate whim.

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