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author image by CharlesHarrison | 0 Comments | March 26, 2013

Where do you spend most of your time in the morning? Where do you apply your makeup and make sure your fangs are on straight? Where do you get clean? Where do you read your favorite Horror Magazines? Well, if you’re anything like us, you answered “The Can”, “The John”, “The Lavatory”, “Water Closet”, “Outhouse”, or even just “the Bathroom”. But are you tired of it being just the place where you do your hair, brush your teeth, and do your business (and we think you know what we mean)? Well Creepy Crafters is cleaning up our act and bringing you some of the best handmade bathroom crafts for the Horror Fan in all of us. And just to let you know, we could have done a whole Creepy Crafters just on Soap. Seriously the amount of fantastic horror themed soaps on etsy is staggering. Just check this out: Horror Soaps on Etsy


Dugshop offers glow in the dark Soap… This is soap… SOAP… We can’t believe it. This glowing soap featuring a Dr. Phibes still is Dragons Blood Scented and totally amazing. Check out what seems like millions of other Horror themed soaps at their shop!




This unique Nosferatu shower curtain by CustomShowerCurtains is available for purchase now, it’s “Hand-painted with a brush just like a piece of art!”




“He’s been dying to meet you!
This small soap by SickSoapsByChynne is made from unscented moisturizing glycerin soap. Some say he’s Ezra- the tallest of the hitchhiking ghosts. Some say he is the infamous Hat Box ghost, long gone from the Mansion, leaving behind only his portrait. You were warned that a hitchhiker would follow you home- now you can make that nightmare come true with this soap!”


Only you can prevent the Zombie Apocalypse. This ultra cute art print by LisaBarbero for the bathroom or anywhere you can wash your hands is a humorous if perhaps somewhat twisted reminder to be sure to wash up. And wash up good. Or else.

“Put art where you wouldn’t think to see it-on a toilet seat! A fun toilet seat that is inspired by Dia de los Muertos. DebbieIsAdopted painted a colorful skull with crystals all around it to give it added sparkle. Would make a great gift. Can be used as a toilet seat or hung on the wall as art in your bathroom.”





That’s enough for now Creepy Crafter Lovers! Join us next time when we look at even more inspiring DIY Thing Makers!

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