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author image by CharlesHarrison | 0 Comments | October 8, 2013

We said it teddlobobefore, Las Vegas seems like the cult-movie capitol of the world. Typically when people think of Vegas they think of Casino Scenes in Hollywood Movies and TV shows like from RAIN MAN, Scorsese’s CASINO, THE HANGOVER, LEAVING LAS VEGAS, MARS ATTACKS, or FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS. Gambling Casinos will always have an allure to movie goers and filmmakers, even with the rise of online gaming websites such as Castle Jackpot .

Horror Host, Cult Movie expert and personality, Mr. Lobo has worked on many projects with different filmmakers who call Las Vegas their home and has many more in the works.

It all began when CINEMA INSOMNIA interviewed director of RAT PFINK A BOO BOO and THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES …, RAY DENNIS STECKLER. The two talked about making movies together in Vegas and MR. LOBO’s interviews did appear on Ray’s releases as bonus material. Unfortunately, Ray died before a real project could develop. Years later, Mr. Lobo discovered the 8mm short by TOM BARNDT, THE WALKING INK, that screened at the VEGAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, and discovered a robust scene. Lobo reached out to one of the actors from that film who turned out to be one of the founders of CULT MOVIES MAGAZINE and a producer himself BUDDY BARNETT.

Buddy and his wife and producer KATHE DUBA(CULT MOVIES TV, SPACE BABES MEET THE MONSTERS)have cast Mr. Lobo to be the spectral narrator in the wrap around segments his next film SKID ROW DRACULA that is rumored to feature a “Choose Your Own Ending” like DR. SARDONOCUS. Surrealist 8mm movie-maker TOM BARNDT(THE WALKING INK, THE CLAY HEAD) announced Lobo is working on his next series that spoofs paranormal shows like IN SEARCH OF.  astrozombies01a
Mr. Lobo who was California unit director for Vegas filmmaker TED V. MIKELS  ASTRO ZOMBIES:M3 CLONED worked on scripting and preproduction for his latest film PARANORMAL EXTREMES: TEXT MESSAGES FROM THE DEAD!peposter

Mr. Lobo will be trekking from his current home in Pennsylvania to the Las Vegas Desert to work on all these projects in the spring but is currently negotiating with Buddy and Kathe Duba to bring SPACE BABES MEET THE MONSTER and their two tv shows CULT MOVIES TV and DECOUPAGE to ZOM-BEE TV, a new horror channel that currently produces CINEMA INSOMNIA.

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