Happy Thanksgiving Gorehounds! Plus — Paperboy 3: The Hard Way!

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author image by CharlesHarrison | 0 Comments | November 28, 2013

Happy “Not safe for Work” Thanksgiving! (Good thing you’re not at work… unless you work for a godless corporation, in that case we feel sorry for you.)

While we’re on the subject of fantastically awesome Retro parody grindhouse trailers: Have you seen Paperboy 3: The Hard Way? No? Do you like blood and gore? How about 80’s videogames? What about Troma level over-the-top-ness? If you answered yes to at least two of these questions you’ll probably get a kick out of this:

Want to know more about Paperboy 3: The Hard Way? Well you’re in luck! Included with the video are some insightful and amusing frequently asked questions, such as:

Q – Why no romance scene with Paperboy & Papergirl?
A – Romance is implied, they hold hands at the graves.

Q – Why wasn’t Papergirl half-naked? Or fully naked?
A – Because that’s too cliche and gross, you pervert-creeper.

Q – Where did you film this?
A – The suburbs of New Jersey and a summer camp.

Q – Why did you make this?
A – Out of spite. We hate parody video game movie trailers.

Q – Why do you hate them?
A – Their overuse of digital effects and lazy scripts.

Q – How did you do the VHS effect?
A – We actually transferred it to VHS, then recaptured it.

Q – Where did you get the idea for all of the bad guys?
A – Every thug you see is an enemy from Paperboy on the NES.

Q – Did you only draw from the NES version of the game?
A – Mostly… Papergirl is from Paperboy 2… whatever.

Q – What about the arcade game?
A – It isn’t as popular and the enemies are harder to emulate.

Q – Is this suppose to be direct sequel to Paperboy 2?
A – No, it’s more like the third installment of a live action trilogy.

This little gem stars Newt Wallen who is heavily involved in a project called Midnight Show which features more retro grindhouse inspired trailers than you can shake a stick at! It also has some great cameos from genre icons such as Ron Jeremy, Mr. Lobo, Lloyd Kaufman, Gilbert Gottfried, Lemmy of Motörhead, and many more surprising and exciting personalities.

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