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The Best Horror Games for PC

We review the best PC horror games to bring you what are, in our opinion, the essentials of the genre to play on a computer. Games with which you will experience a lot, a lot of fear … Are you ready?

There is nothing better to immerse yourself in a video game than a good plot and many monsters with which to fight to survive. For this reason, we bring you the best scary games for PC.

Alien: Isolation , Alone in the Dark , Manhunt , Phantasmagoria … There are many games of the genre that have left us off the list. Therefore, we invite you to, in the comments, tell us what you think are the horror games for PC that also deserve to be in this report.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

One of the best horror games for PC is Amnesia: The Dark Descent . Developed by Frictional Games , it was a surprise of the year 2010, in which we became a character with amnesia with whom we were going through the halls of the dark Castle of Brennenburg where strange creatures inhabit. During our tour, we should avoid going crazy at auction. An adventure game based on exploration in which we didn’t have any kind of weapon, just our ingenuity.

Dead space

In 2008, Electronic Arts surprised us by jumping into the market of fear and horror games with Dead Space , a memorable nightmare located in Space, and more specifically among the poorly lit corridors of the USG Ishimura, a colossus designed to tear apart planets Whole and process your mining resources.

We can never forget our adventures inside that ship, embodying an engineer named Isaac Clarke, confronted by some disgusting beings baptized as necromorphs.

The Best Free PC Games with Few Requirements

Left 4 Dead

In Left 4 Dead , the apocalypse has arrived and we are one of four survivors who will have to fight a fight of epic proportions against hordes of zombies. It has several game modes: a single player, cooperative campaign for four players, a mode for eight players and a survival mode for four players. His success was such that he had a sequel and won several awards as a BAFTA.

Another of the scariest computer games is Outlast, a crazy and scary game of the survival horror genre that will make you have real nightmares. Equipped with just one camcorder, you will enter the abandoned sanitarium of Mount Massive, where you will witness all kinds of horrifying and macabre events.

The Best PC Games for Less Than 10 Euros

Resident Evil 7

The horror game of Capcom has become a benchmark of the games of the genre that concerns us today thanks to its return to the origins of the saga in terms of approach. Resident Evil 7 offers a true experience of horror and survival horror, away from the latest installments of the franchise more focused on action and introduces new mechanics, such as first-person sight. If you want to know more details, do not miss our analysis of Resident Evil 7 .

SOMA is a survival horror in the first person notable for the originality of its story, with moments of quiet tension, although scarce. In addition, its high degree of interactivity with the environment that allows us to take practically anything, although really our ‘favorite weapon’ will be the Omnitool, a tool that we will use countless times to open doors or solve certain puzzles, among other things.

It has many achieved scenes and sounds that manage to recreate that distressing atmosphere in which our character is in, so if you are fans of the genre the game will meet your expectations.

Retro PC Games That Are Still Very Playable

Silent hill 2

The Silent Hill franchise is home to some of the most fearsome enemies that have passed through the screen of our computers. Silent Hill 2 has the honor of being the game with the greatest number of horrors we remember. James Sunderland returns to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife, but the only thing our protagonist finds are memories that lead him to anguish and guilt. And, sometimes, our worst enemies are ourselves.