Iconic Scenes

There are many scenes of horror movies, but only a few, after watching, will terrify you to such an extent that they have not let you sleep, and if you manage to fall asleep, the nightmares wake you up all the time. For this reason, the collective culture portal made a list of 10 scenes of horror films that met their goal and managed to scare more than one for an entire night or several days.
“The Blair Witch Project” (1999) Eduardo Sanchez

In the final scene, we can see the protagonist as she desperately searches for her friends in a house alone in the middle of the forest. No music or extra sounds; only his distraught voice resonates on the screen. Do you dare to see her?

“Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” (1992) David Lynch

In this scene, Laura Palmer returns home only to find Bob in his bedroom. When he finds him, he screams so terrifyingly that he’ll make you jump out of the seat.

“The Shinning” (1980) Stanley Kubrick

The most famous twins in the cinema stand in the hallway, greeting Danny with a truly shocking musical sound. Suddenly the girls are lying on the ground cruelly killed while Danny covers his eyes.

“The Exorcist” (1973) William Friedkin

This is one of the creepiest horror movie scenes. Father Karras hits Regan and asks the demon to get into his soul and leave the girl alone. The demon obeys, and when Karras has it in his body, he jumps out the window and dies. Only then is the little one free dismayed.

“Ringu” (1998) Hideo Nakata

The now-classic Japanese horror has a lot of scenes that scream more than a shout. At the end of this film is that the real terror appears. Everything seems to indicate that the danger is over, and happiness reigns again until the most mysterious and unpleasant scene brings Sadako back across the screen, ending with his eye in front of our face.

“IT” (1990) Tommy Lee Wallace

One of the most disturbing and terrifying scenes in the film world is one where Pennywise comes out of the showers. Eddie is alone bathing when suddenly the shower becomes immense, and “That” comes out of her to greet and frighten him. This scene became one of the most fearsome in the cinema.

“[REC]” (2007) Jaume Balagueró

Near the end of the film, we feel the terror of the protagonists locked in the attic. The night vision of the camera greatly helps this scene feel more frightening, as it blinds the audience’s vision along with that of the characters. We’ll never know what happened. Just the movie’s over.

“Insidious” (2010) James Wan

Renai’s scene explaining how there’s something by her son’s bed is enveloping because, like them, we just stood listening without moving until that something appears behind Josh; we, like the woman, yell.

“Ju-On: The Grudge” (2003) Takashi Shimizu

One of the most terrifying scenes in this film shows a “girl” dragging down the stairs to the protagonist, who suffers slowly. The blood draining and the anguish sprouting of the woman are the components that make this scene really creepy.

“Inland Empire” (2006) David Lynch

This film is a surreal nightmare that screams with different and rare scenes, such as the one in which Susan sees herself walking strangely to the camera, to end up accelerating and smiling darkly. The expression is hard to describe. It is not known if it is of fear, happiness… or neither.