Latest Horror Movies

The premiere this week in a great horror film like Hereditary leaves us with a great taste in the mouth and gives us a unique opportunity to remember other great titles that we have been able to enjoy in recent times.
There have always been good horror films, but lately, among so many offerings and products, there are some exceptional surprises. We have been able to see how the aforementioned Hereditary this year stands out but also others like A Quiet Place, and looking back. We go back to analyze other films that you should not miss if you like terror.

So we review from now on, from the current date (summer 2018) and look back on the last four years, the best horror films that have been released in cinemas.
Have you seen them all? Are you a fan of recent horror movies?

It (2017)

It was very difficult to adapt Stephen King’s 1000-page work to the film format. The 1990s TV miniseries (which remained a long 1990s TV movie) was attempted with Tim Curry as clown Pennywise. It was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace but was soon relegated to oblivion.
The great adaptation that was marked by Andy Muschietti (director of the laudable Mom film) last year has crossed borders. Andy’s sister Barbara Muschietti (in production) translated into a film what King had invented in his novel with great fidelity. There will be a second part, which will continue the plot of the book that was missing to be seen on the screen.
Attention to the great role of Pennywise that Bill Skarsgard achieved, apart from that, the rest of the cast is more than fine: Jaeden Lieberher, Wyatt Oleff, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Grazer, Chosen Jacobs, Nicholas Hamilton, etc.
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Veronica (2017)

Paco Plaza led this story from a real case from the 90s in the Madrid city of Vallecas. It is one of the most important horror films of recent years made in Spain and rightly so. In favor, the great role of actress Sandra Escacena, accompanied by Ana Torrent, her mother in fiction, and an accomplished set of the time. And with Heroes of Silence soundtrack.
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Split (Multiple) (2017)

Did anyone say M. Night Shyamalan was finished? That after The Sixth Sense and the Protégé, did he have no proposals to tell? Well, it just so happens that with Split, he shut everyone up. It may seem more psychological terror away from pure terror and slasher, but its story works perfectly. And thanks to the tone used and the magnificent performances of James McAvoy and Anya Taylor Joy, the tape went ahead with ease. And that ending, amazing.
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Let me out (2017)

The best thing to get into the film was to completely ignore its plot and get away from the over-explanatory trailer. It is already an instant classic that went on to scratch several nominations at the Oscars and also the award for the best original screenplay of the year for its director Jordan Peele. A pleasant movie surprise you shouldn’t have let go.