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Unconventional conventionists: Haunters Recap and Looking Forward to Bizarre AC

Dixie Dellamorto and Mr. Lobo had a great time at the National Haunters Convention this past weekend. You could tell they worked hard to make it even better this year. They made it smaller and tightened it up quite a bit. They had some very decent performers on stage and the crowd was great. It seemed like there was more of a focus on artists, and above all, we had a boatload of fun seeing our friends and fans! We were very excited to spend some time with Gravely MacCabre from Castle Blood. While we were at the Halloween show…

Creepy Crafters: Laugh Clown Laugh

Howdy Folks, Dixie Dellamorto here with another installment of Creepy Crafters and Handmade Thing Makers! This time we’re going to focus on one of my favorite exploitation legends, Sid Haig… More specifically his character Captain Spaulding from the popular Rob Zombie films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. Each item was selected from members of the Etsy Massacre Team!   Captain Spaulding 8×10 Horror art Print by MaxBlackHeart. The print portrays this old clown in vivid color and extreme detail. A must have for creepy clown enthusiasts and lovers of fine lowbrow art — Plus it’s only $10!…

by CharlesHarrison
April 25, 2014
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