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Happy Halloween Horror-Heads!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Today is the day! If you’re like me, it’s the one day out of the year where no one looks at you funny! If you’re close to a city this weekend, consider supporting a local theater who are showing Horror films — even if the films are crap! Support the genre!   Mr. Lobo and I are going to visit Ma and Pop Dellamorto in Happy Hollow U.S.A. tonight and hand out candy! Happy Hollow U.S.A. is a quiet community set in the twisted woods of Happy Valley. Home of their world famous 13 month long Halloween Festival!…

by CharlesHarrison
October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

HO-LY COW!!! Folks, we’re in Halloween Week right now, and while we all get to feel like a broken clock at 6:30 (a REALLY broken clock), here’s an extra spooky review of the 1986 Trick Or Treat heavy-metal-themed horror movie, with cameos from both OZZY and Gene Simmons(that together, don’t total more than 5 minutes, but it was enough to inspire a 2002 DVD cover photos)! Horrible re-release covers aside, this film earns the tag “horrible” on its own. Or maybe we can just call it misunderstood. Trick Or Treat is the kind of movie made with a teenage mentality,…

by CharlesHarrison
October 28, 2014

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil and The Cabin in the Woods: A Double Feature Review of 2 Post­modern Horror Examples

So what exactly is a post­modern horror flick? Well, to phrase it my way (‘cause with words like “post­modern,” or “meta,” or “avant­garde,” someone never hesitates to tell me I’m using it wrong), it’s like going into a horror picture that has assumed you’ve already seen every horror movie before, and they play on that. This ‘genre’ has to evolve with time, and so I’m writing about the state of the genre in the now, not about what it used to be. What it used to be, it isn’t, and though what it is will change, for now, it’s something…

by CharlesHarrison
October 20, 2014

Do You Want To Party? Happy 3rd of July!

“It was 30 years ago today, Freddy let the zombies play, they were goin’ in an out of style, but they’re guaranteed to make you smile.” …Or die a gruesome death. Today was 3rd of July! You all know what that means! No, not hot dog thawing day, you should really do that tomorrow. It was the 30th anniversary of the COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY REAL EVENTS that inspired the classic film, Return of the Living Dead. So, Return of the Living Dead was released on August 16th of 1985, a year after it was supposed to be released. But that’s…

by CharlesHarrison
July 3, 2014

Creepy Crafters: Laugh Clown Laugh

Howdy Folks, Dixie Dellamorto here with another installment of Creepy Crafters and Handmade Thing Makers! This time we’re going to focus on one of my favorite exploitation legends, Sid Haig… More specifically his character Captain Spaulding from the popular Rob Zombie films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. Each item was selected from members of the Etsy Massacre Team!   Captain Spaulding 8×10 Horror art Print by MaxBlackHeart. The print portrays this old clown in vivid color and extreme detail. A must have for creepy clown enthusiasts and lovers of fine lowbrow art — Plus it’s only $10!…

by CharlesHarrison
April 25, 2014
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