I Dance by the Light of the TV Screen All Night Long

author image by CharlesHarrison | 0 Comments | March 28, 2014

TerrorVision is the story of the Putterman Family who has a new satellite system installed. The powerful system starts picking up signals from outer space that opens their television up as a doorway to another world. The cast is amazing — Cult icons Mary Woronov and Gerrit Graham stand out playing the over-the-top swinger parents and Diane Franklin is great as the super cute New Wave Suzy Putterman. But do you know what the best part is? TerrorVision features a beautiful Horror Hostess: Medusa!

She’s hot, she’s got snakes for hair, she’s snarky, and she has huge… talent.

..Before Shout Factory wakes up and takes it down…Or you, you know, you could just buy the Blu-Ray + DVD combo pack so you can watch it on your TV. The pack also includes The Video Dead and is totally worth the money!Movies (2)